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Association for Computing Machinery
WiReD's Gopher/WWW Information Server
The Internet Company Gopher server
University of Pisa: Icon Browser
Artificial Life ONLINE
Digital Picture Archive at
The Global On-Line Directory Services
Global On-Line Home Page
Welcome to the Principia Cybernetica Web
Knowledge One
PERL -- Practical Extraction and Report Language
U. S. Bureau of the Census Home Page
The Common Gateway Interface
Unix Workstation Support Group Home Page
1994 WHO is WHO - First ON-line Edition
World Flags
Anthony's Icon Library
Downtown Anywhere
The Human-Languages Page
MPEG Movie Archive
Net Happenings (IU Local Archive)
The InterNIC Home Page
CareerMosaic Page 1
Welcome to NetMarket!
PreCom Home Page
Web Self Publishing System Home Page
Earl Hood's (OAC) Home Page (perlWWW tools)
Usenix Association Home Page
UR* and The Names and Addresses of WWW objects
Index of Perl/HTML archives
The Reference Shelf
Xerox PARC Map Viewer: world 0.00N 0.00E (1.0X)
Weekly Spanish Lesson by Tyler Jones
Library of Congress World Wide Web Home Page
JHU/APL's WWW & HTML Developer's JumpStation
The MIT Press
Virtual Consultant
Monster Board! (resumes)
Cornell Computer Science Technical Reports
HotWired: New Thinking for a New Medium
Employment Resources On the Internet
Central Intelligence Agency Home Page
The Department of the Treasury: Internal Revenue Service
NetGuide Home Page
Global Network Navigator Home Page
Contract Employment Weekly Home Page
Legal Care for Your Software Home Page
HyperGlot, The Foreign Language Software Company
Branch Mall by Branch Information Services
HTGREP Overview
Shase Virtual Shareware Library
Satellite Communications for Learning (SCOLA)
How to make MPEG movies


Netstuff Home Page
Stingray Home Page
Gopher server
Weather Map
ARTrageous (tm) Homepage
HotWired: What's New Since Your Last Visit To ...
The Virtual Hospital
League for Programming Freedom
800 numbers
SunSolve Online
Computers:World Wide Web:Announcement Services
IETF - Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Working Group
The Internet Insider
WWW Viewer Test Page
KODAK: Transaction Imaging
Main Page: The Internet Movie Database at Mississippi US
Internet Request For Comments (RFC)
HTML converters
SAGE Job Descriptions
Netsurfer Communications
Table of Contents: Plexus HTTP
College and University Home Pages
Career Information from ACM
North Dakota State Government
Internet Access in Spain by Jorge Alegre
InterNIC Registration Services Home Page
Kevin Barry's Home Page
WARP Project - Support Software
The Internet Jokebook
gdbm - Table of Contents
National Weather Service, Tallahassee, Florida
HotWired: Webomatic
A First Guide to PostScript
The Comic Strip
/rdb from Revolutionary Software
Pointers To Pointers (TM)
The Oracle Service
Resume - Rand M. Wacker
Temple of the Web Seeress
About The Usenet Oracle
Networking and Communication (Community)
WWW Servers Comparison Chart
LC MUMS Z39.50 Server (EZ Search Form)
FAQ: How To Announce Your New Web Site
Sandra's Clip Art Server
TEP: Practical Applications of the Web ...
Netscape Server Central
From Webspace to Cyberspace
Transform Users' Guide
Welcome to University Online
The Dilbert Zone
[Henry Cate III's LifeHumor]
'Net Magazines
ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
Debian Project
Point Communications Corporation
Taxing Times 1995
Icons and Images for Use in HTML Documents
The HTML Writers Guild Website
MIT Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Web Style Guide for IU Bloomington
The Universal Life Church, Inc.
Pedro's Dictionaries
System administration
Web and Sybase
WWW-Courseware by thread
Question Mark home page
Introduction to Perl
collection: The Web Society
Extensions to HTML
HyperText Markup Language Specification Version 3.0
HTML Style Sheets
WRL: HTML 3.0 and Netscape 1.1
net.Genesis Corporation Home Page
NCSA Mosaic Common Client Interface (CCI 1.1)
Julia's Home Page
gd 1.2
Web-Counter Home Page
infoMarket service Welcome home page
Transparent/Interlaced GIF Resources
Propaedia - Rodentian order
Welcome to SALON
Search of Mangalam's Multiple WAIS Sources
WSFP-TV - The Faculty Lounge
Pointers To Pointers (TM)
Net-Happenings Resource Submittal Form
Online Career Center
Homebuyers' Fair Center for Mobility Resources
The Official Salvador Dali Museum World Wide Web Site


Virtual World Factory
XV: Table of Contents
Welcome to the Weather Underground Inc
CICA Spy Cam
Interactive Graphics Generation Page
Comparison of efficiency of different search engines
FREE Computer Help Page!
Yahoo - ...:CPAN North American Mirrors
Who's Who Online(SM)
Online Digitizing
Barlow Home(stead)Page
Webmaster Reference Library (TM)
The Bare Bones Guide to HTML
Weblint Home Page
About PerlMUD
WAXweb 2.0
Grad Image Menu (IU Photographs)
IFA Foundation of North America
Changing Background Color in JavaScript
Compiling Java with Netscape
Ask Debbie
Das grosse ZOT-Buch
USWeb - Outfitters to the World Wide Web
Homeworks Homepage
Directory of /pub/netscape (local FTP mirror)
Web Style Guide for IU Bloomington
Siddhartha Gates
The Indiana Business Directory
Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
Understanding Java
Kneedeep in Java - by Stefan Koch
AT&T Bell Laboratories Voices - 1995 AT&T
Al Stewart Mailing List Poll (Java voting)
Como - Java-based interactive communication
A world in panic
Welcome to PeopleNet (online $$ consulting)
Faces (match face parts)
Internet Audit Bureau(tm)
Home of "The Slam & Scream"
Using Mosaic by Remote Control
Remote Control of UNIX Netscape
Welcome to Gateway 2000
UConsultUs: Global Directory of Consultants
Web Development Series Overview (Tutorials)
Spanish Links
Indiana Weather Jumpstation
U-Web: ClipBrowser
Flags of all Countries
Pencom Interactive Career Center
Let's Chat
SBA: Small Business Administration Home Page
Digital Planet Welcome - IRS
3d Express, 3davatars
Tierra home page
Client-Side Image Map Editor
Linux Installation and Getting Started
Get It Now!
Collected daily-strips.
The Free Online Support Page
Welcome to Travel Health Online
WebMaster Magazine
IUPUI Copyright Management Center
The Developer's Directory
Caligari Home World (VRML PC software)
Hey Webmaster! (Excite search software)
MDMA - Multithreaded Daemon for Multimedia Access
Surfer's Edge - INDEX to Singapore
Singapore Internet Business Directory
Saving USENET and Then Some
Form Tags
Angular's Quake Page
QuickTime Software
Clinical Gait Analysis
The Informant
World Wide Web Survey Assistant
STB ET6000 Lightspeed 128 Vision 95 Drivers
Internet Travel Network - Travel Reservations & Information
Boldface Jobs, the Ultimate Employment Resource
Telnet Applications for Windows 95
The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software
War of the Worlds
The Bookmarks of Terry
Chez Terry
$95,093.35 - Table of Contents
Web View - Java web cluster graphing
Singapore Internet Censorship
Computer Express - Online Store
Internet Shopping Network
CDW HOME PAGE - Online Store
BOTI Legal Research Initiative - Sample Agreements
NECX On-Ramp - Online Store
Resume Xpress
Eye on the Web
InReference, Inc.
My Yahoo! news summary for My Yahoo! Demo
Infoseek Personal
Your personal excite!
Welcome to Wisewire!
firefly - personalized Web directory
Commonwealth Network - Web Ad Brokers
EventNotice Utility Applet
InWorld VR, Inc. (audio applets, etc)
Das Internet Orakel (deutschsprachig)
Alex Vigdor
Tao Te Ching
HTML Color Resources, from NetscapeWorld
Free Registration Services !!!
The Webring: Home
Flags of Nations of the World
Andover Download Index (morphing GIF animator, etc)
Dave Central Software Archive (Internet s/w for PCs)
Neoglyphics Home (Chicago Internet Multimedia employer)
411 Server Information
The Complete Tourist Guide to Spain on the Internet
216 Colors of the Web - Netscapeworld - November 1996
Creation - Artistic page design and composition on Internet
The vOICe Sonification Applet
Transparent Background Images
electric minds | home
SimpleNet - The low cost web hosting service
Developers' Den: Hot News, Products, and Links
GIF Animation on the WWW
JavaWorld - Protecting your applet's intellectual property
Landoj kaj lingvoj de la mondo (Flags)
AutoSearch WEB Searching & WWW::Search
Gary McGraw
C a r e e r S i t e
Get Flook!
Aish HaTorah - Window on the Western Wall
Audio on the Internet - Netscapeworld - November 1996
Flower Club Home Page + TWA FFB
Stroud's CWSApps List - 16-bit Apps Main Menu


The Great Internet Oracle
American Film Institute (VDO Films via Internet)
BBN Timeline (Internet history)
Morphing with Java
Hakan Ardo's Bookmarks
Ssh (Secure Shell) Home Page
Expedia Fare Tracker
Ethnologue - Languages of the World ability utility
CDT Privacy Demonstration Page
NetscapeWorld - Cut and Paste JavaScript - February 1997
Chick Publications - Publishers of cartoon, gospel tracts
Web Wide Media - managed/targetted site advertising
Ask Dr. Internet
j3 - Give us your long distance, we give you free Internet
Net-Temps Home Page
The Software Jobs Home Page - Software Job Listings
SSN -- Indiana University Blows it!
Association of Online Professionals
JavaWorld - JMF Player API: Multimedia Comes to Java
Linux-Netscape Help Page
Game Galaxy Games Prizes Contests
LinkScan: Finds Broken Links and Creates SiteMaps.
The HTML Guru!
Background Color Selector
NetscapeWorld - Why your site needs a stylebook
The Icon Bank - Searchable Image Library
Code:NET - flat-rate & toll-free ISP
The Electric Postcard
Das Internet Orakel (deutschsprachig)
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
Virtual Relocation - Search by State
go2net | internet | going meta (a D Sewell forum)
Homebuyer's Fair: real estate, mortgage, relocation, van line
Linda Joachim -- F.C. Tucker/Bloomington, REALTORS
Psycho Friends (similar to the Oracle)
CPB's Civnet Grant Application
Main Sanitary Nag (Anagram Insanity)
The Independent Contractor Exchange
ComputerESP: Search Computer Prices on the Internet
C*E*A - Center for the Easily Amused
24 Hour - Welcome/Login
La page de Frederic SENIS
MBone for CIS788: Recent Advances in Networking
The PDP-11 Unix Preservation Society
SAL -- Scientific Applications on Linux
VILE - Vi Like Emacs - Enhanced Multi-Platform VI
The Usenet Oracle (Cody Rufian's page)
Open NT Home Page
Strunk, William. 1918. The Elements of Style.
Semantic Rhyming Dictionary
Taoism and the Philosophy of Tai Chi Chuan
10 Big Myths about copyright explained
Internet for Beginners - Email, Oracle listing
BONUS.COM - ContourLine, memory&haiku incl
Ascii Pictures by Allen Mullen
You First - HRA
HEALICS Worksite Wellness Site - HRA?
InfoTech Inc. Wellness Checkpoint - HRA?
IEMMC - Global Spam Remove List
Thinking Machines' Data Mining Resource Center
Sacred Knights of Cyberspace
KD Mine: Data Mining and KD Resources
Subscribe to InternetWeek
Village Green Companies
Alexa Internet - awesome browsing aide
ThiemeWorks - The Wave of the Future
InstallShield, cross-platform Java application installation
Mediadome (3D VRML Dilbert)
An Overview of Data Mining Technologies
How to evaluate data mining software
CritSuite: Critical Discussion Tools for the Web
EZ-Win - PC Remote Control
Eight Ball Ozzy Osbourne (ClipControl)
U-M COW: Conferencing on the Web
Making the database connection - NSE Developer
Hot Little Therm - Serial Port Thermometer
Guidelines for Generating Portable Postscript
Association of Internet Professionals (AIP)
Wellsource Home - HRA
Experts Exchange Home Page
W3C HTML Validation Service

1998 Jan-Jun

Welcome to HealthBuzz - Improve Your Health! (HRA)
The Benfield Group (healthcare, neat imagemap)
Junkbusters Home Page - antispam
WebReference (Ann Arbor-based) - Node Zero
Health Acronyms
Personal Health Connections, Inc.
DoHealth Login
Welcome to WellTech International
ScriptSearch (incl a # of my scripts)
GRAMMATRON (~hypertext novel)
MEDai, Medical Artificial Intelligence
Visible Decisions Inc.
The Iconfactory: Cool Icons/Textures (for Macs)
Steve's Icon Parade (Sun job recruiting)
Namescope Oracle & KSUF Art Oracle Jewelry
The Background Sampler
The XBomb Homepage
Internet Statistics: Daily Report from NetSizer
TCL & Netscape Remote Control
Par 1.50 - paragraph reformatter
XKeyCaps - GUI for xmodmap
Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview
Cheap*Bytes Home Page (Linux CDs)
Future Home of Market Survey (Netscape's a client)
LyX - The Document Processor
w e b s e r v i c e s . . . Graphics Archive
Star Division - Office for Linux!
Linux screenshots at prime-mover
Welcome to the WinSite(tm) Archive!
Trader's Haven: Mortgages, Finance, etc
Janet Ruhl's Computer Consultant's Resource Page
1997 Real Rate Survey
A free database can boost your site - NED 2/98
Multi-Resolution Image Morphing - searchable security exploits
tnimage - X11 image viewing, editing, analysis
The VIM (Vi IMproved) Home Page
X Gnuplot Front End
The GIMP (awsome Linux image editor)
Electric Memo Ltd (picons link)
Lyris, Email List Server, Home Page
Contractor's Resources (admin service)
Dante's Inferno
Risc Key Developments Ltd (Sun stuff)
Index of /pub/sundoom
Boycott Microsoft
SQL Tutorial
Adgrafix Systems (nice dedicated servers, but $$)
Links to Programming Tutorials on the Web
Image Finder (DL SunSITE)
Site Index (DL SunSITE)
The Virtual Reference Desk
ArtToday (image archive $17.95/yr)
Windows NT Server Interoperability with UNIX
Scriptics Corp (TCL, startup website eg)
ICQ - Largest Internet Online Communication Net
File Library of Channel 1
JavaWorld: a collaborative poetry applet
Fight Spam on the Internet!
Procmail Spam Filter: "The Spam Bouncer"
Directory of /pub/rsync
export-a-crypto-system sig (3 line perl RSA)
Douglas Adams | Starship Titanic
World Flying Flags
Webmin Software
Earthwatch (expedition vacations)
Out-of-the-Way Nations & DNS
April Fools on the Net
The Straight Dope: Home Page
CD Universe Main Frame
MediaOne Express
Ameritech Data Services
Ameritech - Team Data
Welcome to ISPcheck
SUPERB INTERNET: Services & Prices
Garden of Eden (Eve Andersson)
The WDVL: Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
Rodale's OnLine Health
Java Application Site
The K Desktop Environment (KDE)
Web Marketing/Ads from MMG
xart - enhanced xpaint
XPaint - a simple X paint program
Netlib - math s/w, papers, DBs
PerlMenu (easy perl + curses screens)
SNNS- Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator
Working Solo Home Page
TRIADA (Ann Arbor DM/KD company)
Tom Racine -- Century 21 Brookshire
Silicon Valley Business Oracle (Tarot)
Machine Learning Library in C++ (MLC++)
Ron Kohavi (MLC++ MineSet manager), Free Domain Registration
Computer Directory Service (Michigan IT)
Web Pegasus - Ann Arbor web/unix hosting
Free Sun Java Software for Teaching
TDS; Passports, Visas, Travel Documents
Ann Arbor City Web Guide Computer Links
Arborlink, An In-Site for Ann Arbor
IBM Unveils Security for Health Care
Project Independence (easy Linux)
Msen (Michigan ISP)
Virtual Michigan
Java Audio, JavaWorld 6-98
Linuxconf project (sys config!)
Digital Solutions - Online Survey Engine
Survey Select Home Page
Internet Product Watch
TreeApplet (cool navigation)
Og - The Neanderthal
UWSP Health Service (HRA)
superSonic BOOM (custom music CDs)
Sample Business Plans
Web Site Garage (site analysis)
Open Market (e-commerce, partnering)
Investing Basics
priceline (make offers on air tickets, cars, hotels! [.expedia./.hotels.-30% hold firm])
Eric S Raymond's Writings (inc Cathedral)
How To Become A Hacker
Dancing With The Gods
The Principia Discordia
How to Design Your Linux Workstation
PC-Clone UNIX Hardware Buyer's Guide
Computer Shopper NetBuyer
Sun Managers Summaries Archives
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 versus UNIX
Dulley Column (home advice)
Ed Tech Tools (online quizzes & surveys)
GnuHoo (communal-built Yahoo)
Geneological Name Search ($$)
Heiner's SHELLdorado
UNIX tools for Windows
SunWorld Career Central
Lake Forest Communities

1998 Jul-Dec

Ariel Dolan (Java Artificial Life)
DBMiner Inc.
KDD-98: 4th Int'l Conference
Homepage of the Internet Oracles
VNC (PC/Unix remote desktop display)
Welcome to Virtual Pooh Sticks
Linux testimonial from Harper's
Cult of the Dead Cow (MS Back Orifice)
Cult of the Dead Cow
The ICQ Protocol Site
gstalker (stock chart app)
LSL (a Linux vendor)
Linux - Small Kernel Project
ASCII - ISO 8859-1 Table
Get-A-Name Domain Registration Service
Solaris for Free
Solaris Vs. NT
Black Light Media (ad partner co)
Rob Malda
Hash, Inc. (animation s/w)
Price Watch - Price Search Engine
Grex (A2 free public-access ISP)
Yahoo! Michigan:Cities:Ann Arbor
Auto Woodchuck Page
Buy a 21-inch monitor -- cheap!
Sandcastle Antiques (Materka's)
XawTV - X11 program for watching TV
X-Mame home page - daily geek humor
WebReader(tm) - clever HTML news scheme
WorldBoard (IU based)
nmh Message Handling System
CBB -- Money Management for Unix
UNIX As Literature (cool end quote)
Day-trips from Detroit
Traffic Summary:
"Distrib UNIX Sys Admin" by J Wetsch
Analytika (DM & health co!)
Altis (IT & Health co)
Internet Mail Consortium
Free 3D Software: Blender
osi++, counting operating systems on net
Verio (natl A2-based ISP)
Search For Past Oracularities
Fire, Work With Me (s/w copyright)
FreeShells.Net (free shell accounts)
Dialectizer (Jive, Swedish Chef, etc)
I, Cringely (content & design)
Mapblast! BlastOff
Ltoh, customizable LaTeX to HTML
AFS/IFS: Access Control Lists
TRUSTe (privacy certification)
GNU Robots - program a robot world
Bugtraq mailing list archives
Citrix WinFrame for Unix
WellMed (online health system, bigtime, hra, health records, etc)
PhDx Systems, Inc. (online health)
Total Corporate Wellness (online health)
Free X server for Windows and Mac
Evolution (perl/web service company)
New Humanists on the internet
EvoScript (perl web app framework)
Postmodern Generator
I, Cringely: MS & Samba & Open Source windows shareware, etc
1998 Intranet/Web Salary Survey
Linux Central (buy CD's in Michigan)
DevWarehouse/Java (Java sources archive)
Configurable Mozilla UI
Pre-Computer Timeline
Pollen/Spore Counts
Satellite image map of the USA
Red Hat Linux User's FAQ
Daily Stock Market Forecast
Solaris Access Control Lists
Salon 21st | The joy of Perl
The Java(tm) Telnet Applet
Compariscope (product comparisons)
ICnet (local ISP, colocate @ ~$350/mo)
Bizarre Stuff You Make in Your Kitchen
Slow Wave (dream comics)
Frame Buffer FAQ (Sun video modes)
SURFboard cable modems & Linux
Lowrent: free hosting of linux sites
Wearable Computing
WearComp6 do-it-yourself
Demotivational Posters
Wine (Windows on Unix)
Transaction Net (money theory)
DevLinux (pay for freeware work)
2RAD (awesome site)
Enlightenment Window Manager
Share in Xanadu Zigzag!
KVoiceControl - just say it!
Search The WhoBuiltIt Directory
HOWTO Bargain Plane Tickets
valerie mates (A2 web contractor)
Halloween Document (MS vs Open Source)
Halloween Document II
Remembering the Net crash of ?88
Intel Web Applets
Netpedia free open source site hosting
L0pht Heavy Industries (hacking)
BTTV (Linux & TV)
The Clip Art Connection
Mega Web Tools
TakeOut Express
ReplyNet, data broadcasting & collection
Top 20 Ann Arbor Restaurants
Ann Arbor Guide: Downtown
Bessarabia Home Page
Star Division (free unix office suite)
TkSmb (samba, smbclient, gui)
Futurestep (executive recruiting)
PeopleScape (net exec job recruiting)
Guidelines For Children's Advertising
Linux Tips & Tricks
Boustrophedon text reader (backwards)
WebMD - Health & Wellness
JCam - Java S/W for Digital Cameras
First Auction
eBay - Trading Community
M-Net (A2 free public-access ISP)
Public Records from KnowX
Artificial Life (commercial alife bots)
TPC.INT (FAX by email)
Deception ToolKit
eMedicine - Epidemiology & Statistics
DreamHost (cool hosting service)
ThoughtTreasure (cool NL/AI server)
Signiform (eg small business site)
Linux LAN Information
Intellectual Property (patent search)
SANE: Scanner Access Now Easy
Real Age (HRA)
WAIT - CPAN Search Engine
CPAN search
Gifsicle: Animated GIFs for UNIX
Private Citizen (anti-telemarketing)
Boycott Microsoft
eg web page themes (styles)
WDVL: Encyclopedia of Web Tech
Hoovers (company info)
PalmPilot With Linux
Xlibris (vanity publisher)
Unix as an element of literacy
Healthy Palmpilot (medical)
Palm Modem/Web/Email/Fax FAQ
Clicq (Unix shell ICQ)

1999 Jan-Jun

Fubar Furby
(Very funny movie clips)
Palm Development HOWTO
Running a Domain Over a Part Time Dialup
How to Evaluate Internet Sources
Starr Wars poster parody
Daylight Saving Time (when/where)
Linuxbox - Free GNU/OSS Hosting
Using Linux with 3com's Palm Pilot
HotWired: RGB Gallery - Archive
Toshiba/Microsoft Saga (Windows refund!)
Programming as if Quality Mattered (ESR)
(PilotManager, Perl, etc - palm)
EuroCool - Desktop - Unix (palm)
Palm-related softwarew sources (free unlimited webspace, etc)
World's Smallest Web Server
Jump! (free web-based PIM/organizer)
Linux Support Line! (free OSS hosting)
Advantage (A2 consultants group)
A2 Softworks (consultants group ~U-M)
The Brain (cool organizing s/w)
Zork CGI
sfm (Simple File Manager)
Windows NT PPP & Palm
Netscape PalmPilotPlugin
Og cartoon from an ad
sitecopy (unix maintain remote web)
ZapZone: Free Web Email for sites
SunPCi (WinNT card for Suns) (search index)
Love and UNIX: An Undying Affection
Learn Spanish (online tutorial)
Carfax (used vehicle history reporting, lemon check, $20)
textfiles (80s e-texts)
MultiPlan (use You First HRA)
PPT: Unix in Perl
MS = Frankenstein & Igor? :-)
Perl & Postmodernism (Wall)
Cut Internet Explorer from Win98
PriceSCAN - Price Search Engine
BUY.COM Internet Superstore (unrec)
eCode: e-cards & addr books
Palm III memory expansions for $100
Connect Palm to Internet
Usenet via AvantGo
ProxiWeb (Palm browser)
XML Intro & Resources (LinuxWorld)
Printer Daemons, Printcap Files
Ethernet Codes: Vendor codes
Palm Screen Protector Tips
PC/Palm buy sales (rec)
Vault Reports (inside/culture corp info)
Origins & Future of Open Source Software
Netperson (nofrills MI ISP)
CRT 2.4 (best telnet for PCs)
Brain Power (Slashdot jobs database)
@wabasoft (Palm||WinCE||Java platform)
ContractEdge (consulting contracts)
What I do, why I do it (eg resume)
Starfleet Command (Sundstrom)
Microsoft's New Brain Project (Rupert)
Jargon File Resources
The LinuxStore (cheap Linux systems)
Practice of Programming (Kernighan/Pike)
Command-line NT: it does exist!
The Universal Currency Converter(tm)
interesting HTML page design/layout
Web Host Guild (hosting certification)
VeriHost - Webhosting Certification
Web2010 (good webhosting?)
Dreamweaver download
CNET Shopper: shop/buy online Web Survey Tutorial
DataStar -- The Survey Specialists!
PHP3: PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
Inet Survey- Free Market Surveys
LUIGUI (U-M Linux usability research)
Kagyu Buddhism (A2)
Jewel Heart (A2 Buddhism)
Godel, Escher, Bach
WebAnswers (surveys, etc)
Netscape Enterprise Developer magazine
Keyboard on armrests
Everything (hyperlinked communal brain)
H2G2 (Hitchhiker's Guide, communal)
Quikwriting (Grafitti alternative)
Interview with Ken Thompson, May 1999
KnowledgeMiner (auto DM/KDD) Associates Program
InfoBeam (pager <-IR-> Palm for info)
Web Hosting ($8.25/mo) (, etc)
IT Salary Survey
Net-Temps Job Posting (career)
Net-Temps Java Jobs Job Board (career)
Anagram Genius
Stars Wars as an ASCII movie
FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service job search engine
job search engine (meta-searcher!)
1-jobs database
Freedrive (free 20MB disk space)
The Speedtrap Registry
PC Hardware for Source Code UNIX
UseNetServer.Com Inc. - servers starting at $152
U-M Web survey service
"In begin ... command line" (Stephenson)
HTTP Config: (htmail, etc)
CPUniverse - Contract Professional
Low-cost Linux PCs
Factoid - life memory PDA
Monster job auctions
Hack Furby (& Palm)
SpamCop - File a spam report
Drunken Monkeys: Pocket Monkey!
Palm OS - Linux Documents

1999 Jul-Dec

Internet Oracular SETI Team
Cardservice West (credit card service)
CYBERNET (cool A2 jobsite)
Dihydrogen Monoxide (spoof site)
VMware (Windows under Linux, eg)
The Geek Code Decoder Page
The Official Nerdity Test Homepage
Free Web Fax Service,
Sony headmount display
AIBO (robot dog)
CompHardware (Linux hardware database)
LhD: The Linux Hardware Database
Kismet (MIT AI face robot)
Kinjo (free net file share space)
J-pilot (Unix Palm desktop)
Cult of the Palm Pilot
Mr.Wakeup (free wakeup/reminder calls)
Gooey (chat b/w websurfers)
Juga (Cyber Yugoslavia)
sourceXchange (paid opensource projects)
Cosource (paid opensource projects) ($50+ for resumes)
Mastering 3D Graphics ($$)
3D Graphics Gallery
Windshield Relief (for stickers)
MarketTools (e-surveys, etc)
Open Palm Group: Free Software for Palm
Quotesmith (insurance quotes)
LinkExchange (small website help)
PrivacyWizard (policies generator)
Bigstep (free small biz websites)
The Longevity Game (~HRA)
Linux graphics (CompuPic, Blender, etc)
Edmund's (car pricing)
Kelley Blue Book (car pricing) (car pricing)
HealthGate (medline search, etc)
NewsCom Search - Logos
BMK Global (odor elimination)
MediaBuilder Icon Library
DNS Wizard - Remote DNS Management
Totally Free Stuff - web freebies
XDrive (free net disk space)
Palm Datebook Loader (Usenix eg)
Palm Stuff (an A2 hacker's)
pilot.screwdriver (Web Palm converter)
Welcome to Net2Phone
Yahoo! Personal Health Test (HRA)
WholeLinux AutoInstaller (easy soho net)
How to Make $$ with Open Source
Sharity (SMB client for Unix)
ZOT Group (eg virtual web consultancy)
SimpleNet (dedicated & coloc ISP) (for small business)
A Home LAN How-To
A Cable Modem LAN How-To
Cable Modem Help
(Home) Networks Made Easy
Linux on laptops
Internet Mapping Project
peacock maps (posters of the Internet)
Hurricane Electric (great site hosting)
USPTO: Patent/Trademark/Copyright
Notebook PCs: Review
Linux on Laptops
NetMind (URL Minder, monitor/track)
Digital Blasphemy 3D Wallpaper
Free desktop wallpaper
Mike Bonnell's Computer Wallpaper
Linux CD Image Directory
Gamma Correction Explained
Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution (book)
Welcome to the O'Reilly Open Books Project
CGI Programming on the World Wide Web (book)
MH & xmh: Email for Users & Programmers (book)
William Shatner Acting Simulator - Hecklers Online -
Diligence, Patience, and Humility (Wall)
Why geek geniuses lack social graces
Jini, Palm & Lego Mindstorms (job auction)
Hugo de Garis (AI, Alife, CAM-Brain, etc)
Discovery Health (HRA)
24/7 Network (web advertising)
Health On the Net Foundation
Health On the Net (HON): HONcode: Principles
Patterns Home Page (software design)
NetNation (Web Hosting)
Zope (open-source web application server, site building)
CSA Linux Test Drive (test accounts)
Zork & Interactive Fiction for Palm
Palm Development w/ GCC on Win95 How-To
Eagle Geocoder: Address->Latitude+Longitude+Map
UNIXhelp for users
click2send: easy deposit/pick up a file
Funny filters in Perl (jive, pig latin, swedish chef, etc)
The Programmers' Stone
OpenSales/OpenMerchant (open source e-commerce)
Atlas of Cyberspace (various Internet visualizations)
Billpoint (free credit card payment service)
The WarForge (cracker site) (cracker site)
Home, smart home (X10 automation Linuxworld)
AOLserver (Linuxworld, database webserver)
The Festival Speech Synthesis System (unix text-to-speech)
Building Number Three (Video for Linux)
qcread FTP (QuickCam control)
Plugger (Streaming Multimedia Plugin for Unix Netscape)
Starfleet Command, Chief of Personnel
Does time really exist?
Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards
GuideStar (charity disclosures)
NCCS (charity disclosures)
Doom for `kill -9` sysadmin
Forum 2000 (automated oracle-like thing)
Adbility (Web Site Banner Advertising)
Ouroboros: The Gnostic Ring
The Gnosis Archive
Reciprocality (wild Programmer's Stone followups)
UNIX- and Development-Resources for the Pilot
Palm: Software Development - Alternatives to C
The gif2png home page (Java Palm emulator) (question/answer economy)
TigerNT (English<->Chinese dictionary) Origins of Sysadmins
RateHost (site hosting comparisons)
Datebk3 Icons Warehouse (Palm datebook)
Datebk3 Icons Page (Palm datebook)
WorkSpot (Linux|HTML desktop via Web|Palm)
Enlighten (awesome Ann Arbor web development company)
Shields UP! -- Internet Connection Security Analysis
digitalNATION! (quality web hosting, colococation, etc)
Cobalt (cool Linux-based Web server appliance)
Welcome to
SourceForge (free open-source website hosting)
Thomas Pilot Page (Palm programming under Linux)
Linux PR (press releases)
Slashdot: Interface Zen (Tom Christiansen, flow, vi, rogue, keyboards, anti-mice)
JobOptions -Job Database, Private Resume Builder and Recruitment Resource
A.M. Best Ratings Search (insurance)
Stuck With Old Browsers Until 2003 (Alertbox April 1999)
Better Health (Australia)
Dumb Laws
Philosophy Foundation Introductory Page
PassportAccess (include my resume w/o permission)
Digital Paths (free handheld Internet access) (free questions answered)
Flycast Communications (web advertising)
Juggernaut Search [Engine] (GPL code)
Dyson autonomous [robot] vacuum cleaner
Linux vs. University of Michigan/Microsoft
Eric Guilla Seiffert
Megaputer Intelligence (PolyAnalyst data mining)
Xybernaut wearable computers (Linux!)
Download Adobe FrameMaker Beta (for Linux)
OpenSRS (Alternative Domain Registrar) $13
The Palm Software page (palm development)
Palm Programming: The Developer's Guide (online book)
Plucker! Web portal for your Palm device (GPL)
Crowds (web anonymity/privacy)
MagicPoint (~PowerPoint for X11, cool!, source has good X11 fonts advice)
Empeg Ltd's Empeg MP3 Car Audio Player
GnuCash! (~Quicken, personal finanace, money)
CBB -- Money Management for Unix (Perl)
Life Balance walkthrough for Palm
XMLterm - GUI Command Line Interface (XML + xterm)
XTERM - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Embperl - Embed Perl in Your HTML Documents
Melloworld (cool consultancy)
How Stuff Works
Select Smart (politics, etc)
Palm OS Desktop HOWTO

2000 Jan-Jun

WellCall (health, wellness, etc) - U.S./Canada Wages
eWork- Market-Based Professional Project Exchange (jobs)
Solaris Helpers (Netscape plugins, etc)
Solaris Central Contact Info (eg site ad rates)
autoproject: template open source project home
Bittco (NetReality, 3D web browser for Linux)
Bruce Sterling's Viridian Manifesto
The Unified Code for Units of Measures - Tables
Linux Magazine | Uncultured Perl (Larry Wall)
Kibo : Official Home of James "Kibo" Parry
Slashdot | Best Online Financial Solution? (banking)
Half-Dead Spider Entertainment (rogue for palm)
Shopping Cart Technology, Virtual Storefronts, Shopping Carts (cheap?)
Acme Klein Bottles (Cliff Stoll)
What, Me Exercise? (hackers program)
Hacker's Diet Tools for the Palm Computing Platform
Science Panel on Interactive Communication and Health (SciPICH)
Sig Codes (Geek, etc)
WhoreCode v2.0
Magic Code v0.92
GEHENNOM GOO (mysticism & religion links)
Communitech (recommended web hosting)
Slashdot on recommended web hosting
Ameritech Local Call Lookup
Health Level 7
Health Informatics Standards - HL7
American Journal of Health Promotion (Mike O'Donnell)
XHTML 1.0: The Extensible HyperText Markup Language (free PC->phone long distance calls)
Qubit (cordless home computer)
Debunking Open-Source Myths (Gartner Group)
Linuxcare - Buyer's Guide
Slashdot | Articles | More Wireless Networking for Linux
Ask A Stranger (kinda oracle-like)
Linux & Wireless LANs
CERT/CC Understanding Malicious Content Mitigation For Web Developers
Cross Site Scripting Info: Encoding Examples | Take Control of Your Online Internet Privacy
Drkoop Goes Off the Record (Industry Standard, online personal health records)
Pocketgram (free greeting cards for Palm) (freelance job 2-way auction)
Linuxguide (Linux apps that can replace Microsoft's)
Moneydance for Java (Quicken replacement?) - thousands of movie scripts, tv scripts, novels, and plays - automated online security evaluation
Xinvest/Xquote Home Page
Perl Mongers: Career Center
VelociGen: Server Side Programming with Perl and Tcl
GE Financial Network | Home Page
Perl2Exe (free?, Unix & Windows)
Welcome to CAEN Linux (umich linux)
The Perl Archive - free cgi and perl script links
High Performance Web Hosting
IT Zone (Ann Arbor)
Linux VR (on large handhelds)
NetBSD/hpcmips (on handhelds/notebooks)
Manipulating XML documents with Perl
XML for the absolute beginner - JavaWorld April 1999 (XSL, DOM, resources!)
Joker (cheap domain registrar) (cheap, good registrar!)
Ann Arbor Computer Society
Window Managers for X
IceWM (mouse-less windows manager, cross-platform, small & good for notebooks)
Butt Prints in the Sand [rec.humor.funny]
CTWM - The window manager for smart windows.
New Scientist: Random Reality
Mason (open-source, Perl web site development/delivery engine)
Poetic Technologies: Aura (anti-cubicle, work station)
Mason - the automated firewall builder for Linux
Tax Smarts
Road Runner Security (free VMware) - Advanced Image Editing Techniques Using the GIMP (and copyright-free photo archive) - Religion Statistics
Apache/Perl Integration Project (mod_perl)
NetBank (high interest checking)
Using a Palm with an Ericsson i888 Cellphone (wireless)
Dedicated Servers (Rackspace)
FBI - Freedom of Information Act - Alphabetical Listing
Natural Language Principles in Perl
Where No Flag Has Gone Before (moon, Jack Kinzler)
Cycle Computer (Sun Ultra 2 upgrades) (restricted corporate health, HRA?)
my WebMD (includes great Web HRA)
Perlmasters Perl Script and CGI Script Resource Site
AnywhereYouGo - Global Wireless Development Community (online team project management, included w/i WorkWired)
Personal Internet Appliance (Linux, base $300 w/o monitor)
Find A Grave
CONFERENCE: The Internet and the Public's Health
Used PalmPilots.Com Buy, Sell, Trade up
WellMed's Wireless Initiative Puts Health Care in the Hands of Patients (online hra, personal health record, palm) (free email w/ cool addrs like me@*.com)
jbp (Jordan Pollack, AI, computer scientest, entrepeneur, interesting, copyrights, patents, etc)
Linux with Laptop Computers - LiLAC (paid expert advice, ORA:CLE-like)
Brainbench (free online certification exams)
Asynchrony (collaborative s/w development, marketing)
Welcome to The Moon Land Registry Online!
Linux Laptops (for sale, out of business?)
ASL, Inc. (linux, laptops, etc)
SunWorld: Rollover effects made easy
Vim 5.6 Reference Guide
Find the black dot! (optical illusion)
sodaplay (cool simulation/toy)
Linux on a Laptop
PerlOS (OS, GUI, shell, etc in perl)
DomainNameBuyersGuide: Unbiased advice on choosing a Domain Name Registrar
Lojban (artificial human language ala Esperanto)
Books By Orson Scott Card - Shadow of the Hegemon - Chapter 1 (Ender series)
FreeWWWeb (free ISP, eg wireless Palm?)
Free XDSL (sounds real, what's the catch?)
WHquestion (volunteer answer question system, ~ serious oracle)
Linux on the IBM Thinkpad 770 Series
Linux on the IBM ThinkPad
Linux on the IBM Thinkpad 770
Debian on the ThinkPad 770
"Making the Palm/Linux Connection" (POSE, VNC, xcopilot, pilot-link, etc)
Palm OS Emulator Seeding (POSE official Palm emulator ~xcopilot)
Geek Culture (sell t-shirts, etc)
Slashdot | Surviving In The Corporate Republic (ideology of individualism)
Family Practice (was .familymed.; Kurzweil's health site) (ann arbor jobs) (insurance, utilities, credit, etc) (idea forum)
Quick Fix For Web Forms's PalmStuff (emulator and development FAQs)
Welcome to (domain names)

2000 Jul-Dec

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (meditation)
Cambridge Relativity (physics, quantum, hawking)
Discovery of H2 in Space Expalains Dark Matter and Redshift
The Hacker FAQ (for bosses)
Canaca-com Inc. (recommended web hosting ISP)
NetMaster Networking Solutions (free firewall s/w for Linux) (expert advice by phone, ~oracle)
Ananova (computer generated newscaster) - the java icon generator (16x16 and 32x32 picons-like system for Windows/IE site icons)
Cases for PDAs, HPCs, Laptops, MP3 Players, Cell Phones and MiniDisc Players
meet nic (Oracle's Internet appliance, Linux Netscape, $200 w/o monitor) (personal professional money management service, but no planning or overall asset allocation)
Linuxworld: OpenShop (e-commerce for Linux)
The Death Clock
MAXfunds (help to select mutual funds, Ann Arbor-based)
Matti Pitkanen (Topological Geometrodynamics, cosmology, consciousness, etc)
MLive - Cars (Ann Arbor/Michigan new/used car search db, indexed classifieds) - Executive Recruiting and Consulting for E-commerce (job/resume site w/ very specific database?)
Understanding USA (statistics, graphs, comprehensive & impressive) (web application s/w)
SFNB (geek-recommended net bank)
Auto Insurance Quote (self-maintained)
FEED | Essay: The Question of Time (ie it doesn't exist)
Principia Discordia
Internet FAQ Consortium | Moving and Relocation Services
SolidSpeed Networks (Ann Arbor-based, distributed hosting, jobs)
WIRM: Web Interfacing Repository Manager (free Perl-based application server)
TechRepublic - The IT Community Hub
True Meaning of Life: Meditation Chamber (oracle-ish, AI?!)
FREESCO - free replacement for commercial routers (insanely easy, small linux floppy firewall) - Character Encodings in XML and Perl
UTF-8 Sampler (Unicode)
UTF-8 and Unicode FAQ
Unicode fonts and tools for X11
FAME Information Services (Ann Arbor jobs)
Agenda Linux - Your Portable PC (Linux PDA! $149+)
Healthcare Tool (online web hra company)
Interactive Health Risk Assessment (CVS web hra via
Gurdjieff International Review
UNIX history - The Global Professional-to-Professional Exchange of Knowledge and Expertise (oracle-like)
Usenet Oldnews Archive
The Perl Shell
Lingua::Wordnet - The Perl Journal, Summer 2000
PlanetFeedback Welcomes You!
Deep Spring Meditations (inc Lovingkindness)
DCCI (Michigan consultant jobs)
ThinkGeek :: Gadgets :: 6 Gig Personal MP3 Jukebox - The world's premier free online journal and personal rating service
Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) 1.1
Practical XML with Linux, Part 2: A survey of tools
Democracy and Stupidity (why George * Bush is too dumb to be president) (=> ethics site)
HyperDiscordia, Confusion for a New Generation
Memes, and Grinning Idiot Press
PDFlib - a library for generating PDF on the fly
developerWorks : Web architecture : Library - Papers
Etymon: PJ (PDF parse, modify, create)
Automating PDF Objects for Interactive Publishing (Web Techniques, Oct 1998)
Planet PDF - A World of PDF Resources
Acrobat and PDF at
X-Faces (a bunch of sample b/w picons)
(neat cursor tail effect in JavaScript)
(HealthCyber, potential Chinese Web HRA partners, have our AWA online?)
(more cursor tail images in JavaScript)
Web Elite (Ann Arbor web site development company - jobs)
More U.S. Children Being Diagnosed With Youthful Tendency Disorder
World Birthday Web
Welcome to
BingoX, Carbon, XPP, Monkeywrench (open source Perl web application framework)
Diversified Enterprises Descartes, Pocket-Bot and VersaBot Miniature Robots
oecd.home (privacy statement generator)
99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall (in many programming languages)
Pantene Introduces New Behavioral Conditioner
Pioneer Technology (Howell MI tech jobs)
Interactive Logic Simulator
Simcir - Java Logic Circuit Simulator Applet
Where's George (currency bill tracking for fun) Free computer hardware and peripherals
Quantum Consciousness (Penrose, microtubules; whoa)
Starlab (bits-atoms-neurons-genes blue-sky research; Barcelona/Brussels)
Verses Delineating the Eight Consciousnesses (Buddhist, Yogacara) - Wireless - Cell Phone Radiation Chart
Poetic Technologies: Home (office stations, workspace, cubicles, chair/desk units)
Wireless LAN Overview
The Six-Lesson Schoolteacher, by John Taylor Gatto
Charley Tart on Consensus Trance (dreams, consciousness, mindfulness)
Health Check Risk Assessment (HRA)
HealthScout (HRA)
Welcome to - health risk assessments and calculators (HRA)
Summit Medical Center's Home Page (HRA?)
HealthCentral - HealthView (HRA) (HRA)
The ASAP! Adult Health Survey Suite of Tools (HRA)
BIO|ANALOGICS HMS1000 - Health Risk Analysis (HRA)
HealthCalc Network (HRA)
Wellness Online Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
Welcome Medical Scientists' Corporate Web Site (HRA) (HRA)
LifeStyle Directions, Inc. (LDI) (pay HRA)
Sun Angel: The "Subtle Sybil" Effect (Tart, consciousness)
Grokking the GIMP (book, online or print)
Photo Touch Up and Enhancement in the GIMP
A Techie Volunteer Corps (Geekcorps etc)
The Abolition of Work
Running on Emptiness: The Failure of Symbolic Thought
Laszlo -- Subtle Connections (psi, Jung, quantum, mind)
Ben Goertzel (mind, AI, etc)
Why Time Moves Forward (scientific summary of consciousness)
DREAM DYNAMICS (dreams as unlearning)
Clipstream playerless streaming media for web pages
Huston Smith: The Psychology of Religious Experience
FISN Nationwide Certificate of Deposit Service (best CD rates)
Mortgage rates, CD rates, auto loans, credit cards, mortgage news and more --
The Hopi and Human Evolution
Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI, Web services, XML)
IBM Corporation-Services/UDDI:Register or find
STELARC (performance art, robotics, body, cyborg)
Am I HOT or NOT?
direct search-Search Tools and Directories
Yahoo! Experts
Facelink (submitted face database, ~picons)
eHealth Management (index to HRAs)
ArsDigita Systems Journal: Managing Software Engineers
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Elbee Global (E-Health directory /HMRC/) (free PC-Phone calls, Spain but Madrid only?) (warp Gore & Bush pics, fun!)
Sparse Distributed Memory - in Perl!
Directory of /pub/netscape6/english/6.0
ICANN | gTLD Registrar List
CareSteps (Web HRA, Health & AI & neural nets)
The OSDA Initiative (contract clauses for open source developers)
Win4Lin (Windows under Linux - recommended)
Win4Lin takes the pain out of Windows
The Rules for being Human
Tellme. (info by tollfree phone, free long distance calls?) (run HTTP GETs/scripts by phone call) (excel/web/sql/etc data viz & mining)
Be Free, Inc. - Performance Marketing (banner ads, affiliate)
Welcome To LinkShare (banner ads, affiliate) (doctor registry, Web HRAs) - iPAQ Pocket PC
Workscape (GM+AOL employee portal, LifeSteps later?)
Dragonfly Wireless (Ann Arbor, Linux, jobs)
SideStep (travel, flight bargain search/comparator)
Dual Citizenship FAQ
Attention Deficit Disorder ADD and ADDH and Ritalin - Consider the Alternatives
A tutorial on character code issues (ASCII, Unicode, set, encoding, ISO 8859)
HumDrum: Guru Ratings
DNA/HHGG Infocom Adventure
SOAP, XML-RPC, .NET, Perl (don't view in Netscape)
Introduction to mod_perl (web slides tutorial)

2001 Jan-Jun

Linux Laptop SuperGuide
Linux Hardware Database
Perl::Flash - Perl Flash manipulation modules
A Hyper-History of the Emerald Tablet
The Emerald Tablet (alchemy for personal transformation)
Commentary on the Emerald Tablet of Hermes
Encyclopedia Mythica
AntiOnline - Computer Security - Hacking & Hackers
the Degree Confluence Project (GPS, photos)
The Nessus Project (open source great security scanner)
The Delphic Oracle Web Ring
From the Unreal to the Real: an article in New Renaissance magazine by Steve Taylor
Koshas: The State of the Mind
Health Enhancement Research Organization
MakeDocJ (PalmDOC<->text converter for Java JDK1.1.8, works)
Free Lifetime Digital Sigs (online contracts service)
PocketLinux (Linux/Java/XML on iPAQ,Helio,etc)
Just UNIX Jobs
Contract Employee's Handbook: Home Page
Holographic Universe
Linux-Windows file access
Anatomy of a Linux System/Map of the Known Universe (PDF, O'Reilly)
Godel, Escher, Bach (course at U-M) -- O'Reilly (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP+Python+Perl)
use Perl | Creating Web Services with XML-RPC - Quick Start with SOAP
Salon | Hunting the wild hacker (sysadmin work ethic)
YAPC 2001: Yet Another Perl Conference
Free Shell Provider List (ie login accounts)
Surfraw - Shell Users' Revolutionary Front Rage Against the Web
spammimic - hide a message in spam
Brain Actuated Technologies, Inc.
Neural interface technology - BioControl Systems creates next generation human-computer interaction
MediaBuilder (make gifs, 3d text, animated banners, buttons)
Online PhotoLab (work images, gifs, etc)
Lego Mindstorms, O'Reilly, Robot Building Instructions What are you worth?
Pippy: Python for the Palm
An introduction to SOAP (w/ Perl SOAP::Lite) - DBIx::Recordset VS DBI
NextHop Technologies: Job Opportunities (Ann Arbor, Unix job) (global news as intelligence reports)
NQC - Not Quite C (for Lego Mindstorms) (Perl & Lego Mindstorms)
The Ideal Wise Guru - Mahatma Gandhi
Mulberry Technologies -- Quick References (XML, XSLT, XPath)
New Scientist: Random Reality (monads, Void as randomness)
Web Developer's Virtual Library: The Perl You Need to Know (cookies, PDF, etc)
Palm Notes - Free ISPs
Perl XML FAQ 1.1
Writing Database Oriented Web Based Applications With Perl
Arabic2000.Com - How to Read Arabic on W3?
The Arabian Oasis: Arabic on the WWW
Ameritech: Local Calling Area Look-up
Quantum physics and the nature of reality
The Sufis and Idries Shah
Paper CD Case
(Access Health HRA-frontend demo, 11Apr2001) - The File Sharing Portal - Gnutella-Napster-Freenet-Information (p2p, mp3)
Klaus Tappe, EMU, AATG-Mi (friday-group)
Code for the Representation of the Names of Languages. From ISO 639, revised 1989.
Country Code List: ISO 3166-1993 (E)
VSH (Visual SHell) Home Page
Linux.DaveCentral: vshnu - vshnu by Stephen B. Kinzler - webrowse by Stephen B. Kinzler
freshports - shells/vshnu (FreeBSD)
Slashdot | The Myriad Ways of Wiring Your Home?
XMLSOFTWARE: The XML Software Site
ICCF Holland - click to make a donation - Vim book
OpenContent: Open Publication License
The Hack FAQ Perl XML Quickstart: The Perl XML Interfaces [Apr. 18, 2001]
Saturn Web Hosting
BioSignia/Know Your Number (an HRA company into China)
Stilyagi (Ann Arbor science fiction club)
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials (HTML, XML, Javascript, SQL, Web, etc)
DigiHost: Web Hosting (SEMiSLUG recommended)
Continuum Concept (infants, socialization, tribal life)
Pdf-to-Email Tip
WellnessContinuum (Travis' mind/body/spirit Web HRA)
Creating and Using Protection (pts) Groups for IFS (AFS) (online web hra [HealthCourse, WorkPulse], george/irun)
Lifedesk Group Reports (online web hra group reports, WorkCare/group))
Geek of the Week (me 19 May 2001)
ITworld: Communicate with your Linux box using your Palm Pilot as a terminal
Linux Distribution Round-Up
The Society for Philosophical Inquiry (Chrostopher Philips, Socrates Cafes)
Michigan Dept of Natural Resources - rustic camping by cabin (minicabins) The Perl Jobsite (tres cool)
welcome : vim online
Why Unicode Won't Work on the Internet
Grimm's Fairy Tales
The Web Tarot Reader
Learning the Tarot - An On-Line Course (tm) - The source for quick reference cards (apache, emacs, tex, etc)
REALMATRIX - MMLS Inc. Michigan Real Estate (multiple listing service)
National Real Estate United States Homes For Sale - Real estate listings, homes for sale, home loans, home buying
Welcome to
Mars Exploration Rover-2003 Mission Participation Certificate
Making an X Terminal from a PC (Linux Gazette #68)
"Super-Toys Last All Summer Long" Brian Aldiss ("A.I." base short story)

2001 Jul-Dec

FingerWorks (flat, gesture keyboard)
Forte Tools (Sun Java IDE Web services applications open source)
(Kelly's baby's) Photo Album
Oracle's secret fault found (Delphi, natural gas fumes)
Welcome to Starfleet Command
Dotster: Domain Registration Services (cheap & recommended!)
Home Network Security
OpenSRS (wholesale domain registration, for resellers?)
Registrar Rankings (domains)
Linux DA (linux for palm)
Quick Reference For Choosing a Free Software License (GPL, LGPL, etc)
The configurator Toolkit (securing unix) (rate plan comparisons, phones, travel, insurance, etc)
What Buddhists Believe
Ven Thubten Gyatso's (Buddhist) teachings from Mongolia || Why do you get out of bed in the morning?
When I Am King: An Online Comic Story by demian.5 - Sizing up memory in Solaris (memtool, RMCmem)
Palm handheld and Nokia 8290 (sales website building/hosting)
Computer Hyphenation, Home page.
Computing Made Good, Easy (re simple, text-based, old-style Unixish user env)
Globalmedic: The Healthcare Internet Technology Company (Web HRA, health record, analysis reports, etc) - Bannerless Free Web Hosting for Individuals & Small Businesses
Soar Technology, Inc.: Employment (Ann Arbor, AI, downtown)
HandEra 330 Review
MemoWare - HandEra 330 Review (w/ s/w compatability lists)
THE IRANIAN: Opinion, Afghanistan, Mohsen Makhmalbaf Communicate with Your Linux Box Using Your Palm Pilot as a Terminal
Laptops and PDAs with Linux (sales of, German company)
(Linux on Dreamcast HOWTO)
Meme Lab: The Psychology of Awakening, Dr Susan Blackmore
Liberty Alliance
The Official MoversGuide
"Bob" and the Oxygen Wars
developerWorks: Linux | Open source projects : Cultured Perl: Reading and writing Excel files with Perl
ASTALAVISTA.BOX.SK (security-related search engine)
The Skipper Homepage
NiF Elastic Catalog (awesome heirarchical navigation java applet) - Virtual Fitness Center (web health intervention)
mblinks (links to web health sites) Medical and health care resources (comprehensive health maintenance site, nice [samanthakelly/sam])
QuitNet - A Free Resource To Quit Smoking (health)
Random Web Search
FitLinxx: Home Page (health site)
Info on weight management, healthy eating, weight loss, diet programs, diet counseling & meal plans.
CBS HealthWatch Home Page
The Ultimate Linux Box 20001: How to Design Your Dream Machine
CDC: Leading Causes of Death Reports Building a Large-scale E-commerce Site with Apache and mod_perl [Oct. 17, 2001] || Secure Communications with OpenSSH
Wellcoaches (web health exercise intervention)
System Stanley (web health interventions)
Johnson & Johnson (web health interventions somewhere in here)
HealthMedia (web health interventions)
Institute of Noetic Sciences - Home buying info: Web Redesign : Workflow That Works || Code Fuel (recipes)
The 7th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition || The Purpose of Religion
disinformation (extensive underground "hidden" information, cool, timewaster)
RetroAccess (accessiblity evaluation, fedral regs) Mobile Internet Kit (GSM)
The Sleepycat Software Home Page (Berkeley DB)
Kibaale Childrens Fund (ICCF, sponsor, charity)
U-M Policy on IP address standards (also 7-7736 Office of Policy and Admin)
Health Privacy - Additional Resources
Report on Internet health privacy regulations - Domain name registration and DNS management service that gives you control over your domains. (recommended)
Dr. Arthur Deikman (papers on mysticism, consciousness, cults) (WAP, PQA, cell phone, IR, good general Palm site too, etc)
AxisJournal (EJournal on philosophy, mysticism, metaphysics, spirituality, esotericism)
Mozilla Bug 20417 - MailNews should support the X-Face header
Wireless LAN resources for Linux (networking)
Slashdot | Best Billing Options for a Contract Position?
Create Adobe PDF Online ($$)

2002 Jan-Jun

DSL - - the place for BROADBAND (cable too)
News.CIS.DFN.DE / News.FU-Berlin.DE (free news server)
Batch and Third-Party (sed tips & tricks) Beginning Bioinformatics [Jan. 02, 2002]
IU IT: Howto Install and Use SSH
Knowledge Base - For Unix, what are ssh-agent and ssh-add, and how do I use them?
Knowledge Base - In SSH and SSH2 for Unix, how do I set up public key authentication?
Welcome to - By The SANS Institute (security) | Free Voicemail, Email and Fax--All in One Place!
Palm OS: Creator ID Database
University of Michigan ITCS Software Licensing and Distribution
Developing Web Clippings (Palm PQA; online book)
Palm OS (palmos development etc)
Systemax iMass (autoconfiguring Linux network server)
TPJ Magazine: Creating XML-RPC Web Services, Orwant (SOAP)
mod_perl (cgi to mod_perl, mod_perl traps)
nms (quality CGI script archive)
LocalsLlive MP3s
kcgeek :: do-it-yourself terrabyte array for $5000
Laziness, Impatience, Hubris (virtues of a programmer, Perl)
Cygwin (Unix environment for Windows, from Red Hat)
The Solaris Helpers Page (tools and utilities)
AffordableComputers.Com - New, Used, Refurbished or Custom Built Solutions (Ann Arbor, PC, Linux)
Flynt Consulting Services (independent consultant eg site, A2, tcl/tk)
Roadside America: World's Largest (Buffalo, Jamestown)
Mayo Clinic HealthQuest Marketing
USENIX - E-Learning from DigitalThink
Squirrel Fishing
Foresight Exchange
E-Cards: Online Gifts and Greeting Cards
Slashdot | It's Not About Lines of Code
The Atlantic | April 2002 | Seeing Around Corners | Rauch (artificial life/societies, simulation) - Brando WorkShop Screen Protector (palm, rec)
Stout Systems Development, Inc. (Ann Arbor contracting/consulting, jobs)
FreeAgent AnnArbor (jobs, consulting, contracting) mod_perl in 30 minutes [Mar. 22, 2002]
SCOTT eVEST - Technology Enabled Clothing[tm]
89.7 fm. KFJC, a 12 step rehab for your ears. (rec internet radio)
Radio Paradise (rec internet radio)
KPIG Radio Online (rec internet radio)
IT Solutions - Web Development - Design
52Best Trips (thailand, singapore, china, etc)
Web Page Design Agreement (sample consulting contract)
PBrickLib - P{alm|rogrammable} Brick Library (Lego Mindstorms, Palm, IR)
FreewarePalm: Robotic Mover v1.0 (Lego Mindstorms, Palm, IR)
WebMD - Worst Cities for Allergy Sufferers Short-Term Savings Center: Savings Options
Upgrade Type 5 Mice (Sun mouse 1200->4800bps)
SEMISlUG headhunter/recruiter advice Michigan
ThinkGeek :: Rio Riot The Perl You Need To Know (for mod_perl, our, strict, export) Perl and XML on the Command Line [Apr. 17, 2002]
The Philosophical Health Check - Web Hosting (cheap, recommended, $100/mo) - Internet Service Provider (Ann Arbor? DSL rec)
WWNET - Full service ISP (Ann Arbor? DSL rec)
Cool Hubble Space Images (large tiffs available) - Teacher Ratings and Teacher Reviews
Google Web APIs - Home
Creative Commons (copyright, public domain)
"Senate Panel Debates Divisive Internet Privacy Bill" (re health info) Finding a mod_perl ISP... or Becoming One [May. 22, 2002]
Welcome to xxL's pages. (POSE port to Zaurus/Qtopia palmos->linux)
Random Registration Generator || Is there really a technology worker shortage?
Film88 (streaming RealPlayer $1 Hollywood movies)
Molecular Expressions: Science, Optics and You - Powers Of 10: Interactive Java Tutorial
Why Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS)? Look at the Numbers!
The Oracle of Ya-Hoot
Astrodienst (free astrology horoscopes, extensive charts, etc)
Online Service Request, U-Michigan Utilities & Maintenance Services (to request fixes in HMRC Room 30)
TCPA / Palladium FAQ

2002 Jul-Dec

BookCrossing (book wandering/tracking/sharing)
The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick, by R Crumb
A.L.I.C.E. AI Foundation (Turing test winning Alice chatbot)
Conference Presentation Judo
Spider Eyeballs (cool cgi perl software for presenting image sets)
Internet Sacred Text Archive Main Index
MobiliX: Laptop Manufacturers - Linux Status XSH, An XML Editing Shell [Jul. 10, 2002]
3D-ESHOP (I-Cybie accessories)
System Administrator Appreciation Day
Web Development with Apache and Perl
[ ..:: wu :: riddles(intro) ::..] (eg job interviews)
ICCF Holland - click to make a donation - Lord Of The Rings
The Perl Foundation: perl 5.8 press release
O'Reilly Network: Creativity, Flow, and Joy in Programming [August 02, 2002]
Slashdot | Consumer Friendly (or Disney Hostile) DVD Players?
Web Hosting LList -- The Definitive Web Host Buyer's Guide
U-M Employee Relations and Compensation (U-M Staff Tuition Assistance)
Slashdot | Portable MP3 Player w/ Unix Support?
A Plan for Spam || technology and culture, from the trenches
Michigan Skydiving drop zones
Slashdot | Perl & LWP (O'Reilly, screen-scraping incl HTML parsing)
Home - (Platform for Privacy Preferences, P3P, W3C)
tomsrtbt home page (linux rescue disc)
LNX-BBC: Home (linux rescue disk)
Linuxcare Bootable Toolbox (linux rescue disc)
KNOPPIX - Live Linux Filesystem On CD
Amazon Light (persistence engine for Perl CGI as-is, $$)
Web Test Tools (load testing, HTTP; others too)
got2eat - advanced job and employment search engine (about GPL)
VSO (volunteer overseas) The Fusion of Perl and Oracle [Sep. 04, 2002]
Dynamic DNS Network Services (free for home machines, eg etc)
Internet Software Consortium - BIND - Other BIND and DNS Resources
DNS Oversimplified: How to check your DNS
The Coroner's Toolkit (TCT) (deleted file recovery, etc; solaris, linux, etc)
The Homunculus Project (cool scientific visualization)
Don Alberto, Ecuadorian Shaman
Legal Information, Books, Software and Forms - Nolo
Chilling Effects Clearinghouse (law, trademark, copyright)
SAGEwire | Resume writing tips for technical people
Slashdot | Cheap SSL Certificates for Small Websites?
Mannisto's String-Math book idea (string theory, navajo, no verbs, universe as vibration)
The DateBk Cookbook
Science -- Melanie Mitchell 298 (5591): 65 (review of A New Kind of Science by Stephen Wolfram)
Write a Web service using SOAP::Lite - fast, cheap webhosting web host with php, mysql, php3, php4, php cheap web hosting
MobiliX: How to Change from any PDA to a Linux PDA
PuTTY Download Page (best SSH for Windows)
GB2312 (Simplified Chinese) character code table The Perl Job site
JFreeChart (java chart/graph, applets, etc)
Easy Automated Snapshot-Style Backups with Linux and Rsync
Slashdot | SQL Fundamentals
Educate Yourself for Tomorrow (cool online courses re self-knowledge, spirituality, etc)
Kall8 Toll free 800 telephone service.
What is U-M Online? (U-M email after graduation,retirement)
URAC (health website accreditation)
java charts and graphs - applets - servlets
Lansing Buddhist Association (Chiu-mei rec, amitabha)
Sites Blocked in China - Highlights
Universal Command Guide for Operating Systems
mplayer - movie player for linux (& Solaris, best media player)
How to install Debian over a network - Nov 13, 2001
paradoycheck - More Rez (& Reciprocality, playstation game)
Turn-Key Linux Audio (Mandrake) Programming with Mason [Dec. 11, 2002]
LocalMotion (Betsy's non-profit) How to Buy a Car
Autoweb How to Buy a Car
Autobytel How to Buy a Car
#TL04A: The Most Fundamental Human Problem
Trend Micro - Free online virus Scan (java)

2003 Jan-Jun

Wired News: Bush's Year of U.S. Surveillance
2001_09 | Predictive Modeling Holds Promise of Earlier Identification, Treatment
The Mason Book
Urban Legends Reference Pages
Window Managers for X
miavita Diabetes Site Tour (health site) Schema/DTD Editors
XML DTDs Vs XML Schema
GeoTrust - QuickSSL (verisign alternative, lifesteps used)
"The Great Initiation" Richard Tarnas (mysticism, culture, etc)
Yahoo! Groups : aawlan (Ann Arbor wireless networking, 802.11) ~ CGI-Shell (command line via CGI)
Free File (income tax filing w/ IRS)
Celestia: A 3D Space Simulator
Putting Linux on a laptop
Behind the Name - the Etymology and History of First Names - Sharp Zaurus SL-C700
Recycle Ann Arbor (inc computers)
Godseye (geographic URLs)
Broadway Bridges Reconstruction Project
Broadway Bridge Information
Exotic Sodas
Why Nerds are Unpopular
Google as Big Brother
Quantum phenomena in biology
MayoClinic HRA (public)
SANS Institute - Computer Security Education and Information Security Training
E-029 2003 And Beyond (comprehensive tech/IT forecast)
FLY (webserver on a dead fly)
U-M Computer Showcase: Dell Desktops
Dell - Dell Home Systems Rebates
Dell - Home & Home Office - My Account
Dell - Dell Exchange (tradein, recycle, sell or donate old computers)
Using HTML with the Palm
Freeware Palm
World of Ends (What the Internet Is ...) - The PalmOS Open Source Portal
Partition Magic / Boot Magic $70 (Ann Arbor DSL ISP very! recommended)
HIPAA | Training Modules (U-M HMRC, researcher class for me)
Top 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes of All Time
HealthAtoZ + HMRC HRA ad page
make a starship enterprise out of a floppy
webFonts4Linux: High-quality TrueType fonts for the web
XFree86 Font De-uglification HOWTO
Fonts and Colors (X11, X Windows)
BootIt Next Generation (bootitng, multi/dual-boot, disk partitioning, shareware, XP NTFS)
"My Desktop Odyssey Update" (desktop Linuxes reviewed/compared)
"How to install another hard disk" (Linux)
LinWiz (online wizard for iptables firewall configurations)
"What Does Mysticism Have to Teach Us About Consciousness?"
Why Am I Getting All This Spam?
NetStumbler (802.11 Wi-Fi inc wardriving software)
Sizes of Starships
Hackers and Painters (essay on programming)
The Gospel according to Neo (The Matrix & Christianity)
Customer Survey, Online Survey Software, Customer Satisfaction Surveys - Zoomerang
Linux Distributions Guide
Embedded Linux "Cool Devices" Quick Reference Guide
Brain-injury victims better at recognizing liars
Noh Masks & Facial Expression Perception
Gospel of Thomas, split-screen
Brown's human universals
"The Matrix Reloaded" - Transcript
Hows Your Health (Dartmouth Web HRA)
infoSync World : Palm OS news and reviews
Synoptics + Thomas
The Geometer's Sketchpad - : Hypercube

2003 Jul-Dec

Tom's Hardware Guide Networking: Building A Home Network From Scratch - The Ins and Outs of Building a Home Network
Create Debian Linux packages
Comparing Linux/UNIX Binary Package Formats
Metaphilm - Fight Club (as Calvin & Hobbes!)
Virus Busters (U-M) (scams, hoaxes, fraud, worms)
[] - Welcome Category Reviews - Financial Software for Linux
"Zen and the Art of Corporate Productivity" (meditation in the workplace)
Linux Journal Announces Winners of 2003 Editors' Choice Awards
RAAR Effect (cool optical illusion, spinning)
Reciprocality Book List
Using SSH Secure Shell to Connect to Host Computers [Windows]
Using SSH Secure Shell to Transfer Files with sftp [Windows]
Internet Week > Encryption > Michigan Public Health Institute Cuts Costs With Desktop Encryption > August 1, 2003
Dick Siegel
Welcome to Bobby WorldWide (website accessibility tester) Home Page Reader for Windows Version 3.0* (web browser for blind)
Writing With Elvish Fonts
linux_desktop (Ian! D. Allen =~ Kinzler)
MIT OpenCourseWare
Software Wars images (Microsoft vs Linux vs etc)
Institute for the Study of the Neurologically Typical
Which SSL - SSL Certificate Guide - SSL Certificate Comparison
Plugger Testing Grounds (mozilla, netscape, plugins)
Slashdot | Top 10 Software Titles Every Home PC Needs?
SANS Top 20 Vulnerabilities - The Experts Consensus (common security problems, including vulnerable ports)
LJBG: subcategory (Linux laptops/workstatsions)
Qli Linux Computers - Custom Linux Laptops with your choice of Linux Distribution Pre-Installed
Birthday Alarm, Birthday Cards and Reminders (electronic greeting cards)
WCC: Room Locator
G.Mate YOPY YP-3700 Linux PDA Review (Pics, Specs)
MSU Mirror for Linux, Red Hat, Mozilla, Ssh, Ximian
ICCF Holland - click to make a donation - Lord Of The Rings
The Gospel of Supply Side Jesus - A BuzzFlash Reader Commentary
anyweb's Red Hat Linux Tips (mozilla java plugin, etc)
SANS Institute - Security Policy Project
Securing a Windows XP Webserver
CVS homedir
Terrence McKenna Psychedelic Audio Library (MP3)
AskIgor - Automated Debugging Service (Linux executables)
NOVA - The Elegant Universe - Brian Green (QuickTime/RealVideo)
Drupal (website platform system, PHP)
Gallery (photo website platform)
The Atlantic | Dec 2003 | The Bubble of American Supremacy | Soros
The Capitalist Threat - 97.02 (Soros)
THE MEATRIX: Fight Factory Farms! - Palm, Visor, Clie, iPAQ & PDA Parts, Accessory & Service Specialist
Cthulhu Chick Tract
VLC multimedia player for Linux (MPEG, DivX, mp3, ogg, streaming, DVD, VCD, etc)
Understanding Open Source Software (Groklaw)

2004 Jan-Jun

Red-billed Scythebill (bird with long curved beak)
What You Can't Say (taboo, heresy, conformity)
Linux to Windows software translation (major Linux application software)
The table of equivalents / replacements / analogs of Windows software in Linux. (Official site of the table) - Compare product prices, read customer reviews of stores
Logarithmic Maps of the Universe (J. R. Gott) KNOPPIX
Baudrillard Short Introduction
Nit-Pickers Guide to The Lord of the Rings (free redirection for long URLs, never expire)
Penrose-Hameroff Slideshow (quantum consciousness, microtubules)
Dilbert (dogbert, reciprocality, meaning of universe)
Swipe (privacy, drivers license, barcode)
Usenet Physics FAQ
Linux Online - Linux on a Laptop
Linux on Laptops
NASA Occupational Health - Health Risk Appraisal list (HRA)
Windows Services for UNIX Home
Pew Internet and American Life Project
Vim Regular Expressions 101 (20 Questions, AI, artificial intelligence)
Lightstone Monitor (Wild Divine, HRV, SCL)
Lightstone Profiler src
The Command Line - The Best Newbie Interface? -
SSH via a Web Browser
FTP to SFTP Bridge -
All-in-one - People finder, multiple search engines. Search and Reverse Search. Find People N times faster!
Tadpole makes SPARC Solaris, Linux, Sun Java Desktop System Notebooks (linux laptops) - Das HandEra 330-Forum (republican, democrat, campaign funding, contributers)
Tom's Hardware Guide PCs & HowTo: Migrating from Windows to Linux, Part 1: Preparation - Introduction
[quant-ph/0402127] Quantum Entanglement in Time
US Driver's License Numbers - Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, perhaps others
Unique ID - The numbers that control your life
Multiple UNIX compromises on campus (security)
Gurdjieff Legacy -- Christianity
1&1 Internet Inc. (cheap domains, DNS)
Furl - Your web page filing cabinet
spamgourmet - free disposable email addresses, spam blocking
The Archetypes of the Female and the Shadow in Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ"
Social problems and occult tendencies: SIMPOS information
HotSpots Locator - Wireless Hotspot Search Engine
The Gematriculator (% evil, % good)
The Unofficial #fedora FAQ
Sony Clie & Linux (USB, Memory Stick, etc)
Clie Linux HOWTO page (USB, Memory Stick, etc)
Red Hat 9 migration options
Cognitive Development and Intelligence
Rational Domains for Developmental Psychology
VG Nett: StarMatch (match photo to celebrities)
nerveman.gif (GIF Image, 373x332 pixels)
Public IP - FREE WiFi Solutions - Open Source Wireless Internet
Web Testing with HTTP::Recorder (easy screen scraping)
VisitorVille: Web Site Intelligence for Creative Thinkers. Visitor Analytics - Web Site Statistics - Traffic Monitoring - Clickstream Analysis - Live Help. (shared website logins, bypass registration)
consciousness studies
The History of Programming Languages
UNIX History (cool big chart to printout, timeline)
Computer Languages History (cool big chart to printout, timeline)
EmperorLinux Catalog (linux laptops, preconfigured as desired!)
LILEKS (James) The Institute of Official Cheer (weird old cartoons/comics)
MLA Language Map
DNS Report (excellent check on a domain's DNS config, MX, SOA)
Zen And The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Today's Front Pages

2004 Jul-Dec

Hotwire (travel discount bargaining, flights, hotels)
Reviews of vacations, hotels, resorts, vacation and travel packages - TripAdvisor
Travelaxe: Search and Compare Multiple Travel Websites for Great Hotel Rates
HumanScale Freedom Chair w/Headrest (comfy!)
Jeremy's Mozilla Extensions (bandwidth tester, tinyurl generator)
Jenny Turpish Slapped Me: Quizzes - Better Personality
Skype (p2p telephony & IM, worldwide cheap long distance phone calls)
Consultant & Independent Contractor Agreements - Summary - Law Store - Nolo (sample website freelance contract agreement) (Ann Arbor colocation web hosting)
The Underground History of American Education - John Taylor Gatto
Great Hackers
Quantum Consciousness . Stuart Hameroff (voip, internet phone, test)
*38 (caller ID spoofing)
Fitness on the Job ( Free Salary Survey Reports and Cost of Living Reports
i-neighbors (social networking by geography/neighborhood)
quiet american - one minute vacations (ambient sounds, mp3, world)
Online Validation and Analysis Services (check HTML, XHTML, CSS, RDF, RSS, XML, WAI, Section 508, P3P, hyperlinks, metadata, etc)
Protecting Against Identity Misrepresentation and Theft at U-M (university of michigan)
Map Washtenaw Property Mapping (county, plats, michigan)
map of springfield (simpsons)
The Plants Respond: An Interview with Cleve Backster (biocommunication, consciousness)
WORDCOUNT / Tracking the Way We Use Language (most frequent English words)
Thinkers Anonymous : Do you think to much?
NASA World Wind (awesome globe viewer) Speeding up Linux Using hdparm (disk optimization)
Escher for Real
Akiyoshi's illusion pages (optical illusions, anomalous motion)
System Recovery with Knoppix
The Future Does Not Compute, Stephen L Talbott (O'Reilly & Associates, e-book)
Election result maps
Winged Sandals (big fun Flash presentation of Greek gods & myths, including Oracle of Delphi tool)
Google Answers (expert answers for a price)
AWStats (open source Perl, advance web statistics, web log analyzer/reporter
The Digital Object Identifier System (permanent online IDs, URLs)
XLiveCD (non-install CD to access Unix from Windows PCs)
Storm's Next - Paradoxical Muxic (eg endlessly rising scale)
Practical mod_perl (O'Reilly e-text)
The Best Webcomics of 2004 (world-wide views)


Twentieth Century Atlas - Death Tolls
In The Beginning Was The Command Line In 2004 (update on Neal Stephenson)
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard - Version 2.2 final
The Religious Movements Page: Welcome!
Cygwin: Changing the Face of Windows | Linux Journal (drivers, ux50, palm)
Browser Compatibility tool by NetMechanic
Listmania! Neil Gaiman Sandman etc
Charts and Tabulations (Anthroposophy)
1src Forums - How to fix your UX50 wifi (wireless) initialize problem
Sony Mobile Connection Wizard (ux50 clie palm desktop app for wifi/bluetooth config)
New Scientist: 13 things that do not make sense (science)
Adobe re-discovers Linux with Reader v7 (Acrobat)
Search Tools with Open Source Code
Ancestral ROLL Family - North Dakota Maps
German-Russian Settlement Map
buzztracker - 2005-04-12 (maps of world news hotspots)
Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection
Possum Living: How to Live Well Without a Job and with (almost) No Money | CLI Magic: rsnapshot (rsync backup)
HousingMaps (google maps + craigslist, real estate)
The history of PDAs
Web Apps Compendium v1.0 (search, browse, urls, ranking)
mod_rewrite rewriterule generator :: Webmaster Toolkit
Yahoo! Link Harvester
Dogpile (neat tool to compare search engine's results)
slayeroffice | tools | color palette creator v1.6
iWeb Toolkit: Convert To and From Unix Epoch Timestamps
Preople - Its about who you are...
Draac.Com's Color Converter
Site Timer // WebScale (website download timing)
HTML code check by NetMechanic.
GIF Optimizer Free Online Image Compression
[listulike] CSS Generator (generate navigation lists for website)
HTML Tidy Online (linux intrusion detection systems, IDS)
Re: up2date: Unresolvable chain of dependencies: <br> rpm-libs/ (selling old computer hardware)
The Daily WTF
Mail Filtering - Introduction
Technorati (weblog/blog search)
University of Michigan | ITSS | Snort VRT Rules
NewsForge | LAMP made easy with XAMPP
The ProFTPD Project: Home
Maypole (Perl Web application MVC framework)
clinger.swf (liquid man flash demo)
flash demo of a falling manequin bouncing off balls
Slyck's Guide to BitTorrent - Clients
O'Reilly Open Source Convention - August 1-5, 2005 - Portland, OR
WolframTones: An Experiment in a New Kind of Music (mathematica, a new kind of science)
Mailinator:Spam Map
Consciousness Studies: Home (Klocek) The Evolution of Perl Email Handling
SF Cover Explorer - a few thousand science fiction covers (experimental image browser interface)
LiveHTTPHeaders XPI location (Mozilla/Firefox/Netscape, replay sessions)
Catalyst - Web Framework (Perl MVC development, ala Ruby on Rails) (list of ehealth providers, etc)
Clean up your Web pages with HTML TIDY | CLI Magic: Introducing rss2email


43 Folders | A bunch of tricks, hacks, and other cool stuff
Project collaboration, management, and task software: Basecamp
IP Spotting - How interesting is your IP address?
Daring Fireball: Markdown (text2html syntax&tool)
unixshell# :: Linux Virtual Server, Virtual Private Server, Virtual Dedicated Server, Virtual Server, Dedicated Server, VPS, VDS
Welcome to Google Page Creator
TouchGraph GoogleBrowser V1.01 (amazon too, search similarity graphs) Using Ajax from Perl
Recommended PHP reading list | Automatix kicks Ubuntu into gear
SDF Public Access UNIX System - Free Shell Account and Shell Access
Flipple (buy, sell, trade dvd's, cd's, books)
newzbot! public USENET resources for the masses
AJP Excel Information - Charts
Random Personal Picture Finder (tm) (images, photos)
WebCollage: Exterminate All Rational Thought (random image collage by Jamie Zawinski)
capture the map (strategic flash game using google)
newsmap (google news, story headlines in treemap format, flash)
Make A Shorter Link (tinyurl-like service but w/ gateway page)
shorlify - (tinyurl-like service but with access stats)
VisiBone Country Chart (world map)
Googlism (google for about who, what, where, when)
All about Linux: Mind Map of Linux distributions - Version 2
VIM Quick Reference Card
Best of VIM Tips, gVIM's Key Features
WebGUI (free cms/appserver/webplatform in perl, widely used)
Orion Magazine > Monsanto GMO Wheat (North Dakota, politics)
Elastic tabstops - the solution to the tabs-versus-spaces issue
1src - The One Source for all things Palm-powered related.
amux50's Programs & Downloads For Your UX (including UX50 simulator/emulator)
DNS Stuff: DNS tools, DNS hosting tests, WHOIS, traceroute, ping, and other network and domain name tools.
one red paperclip
VEMoDe - Video Encoder for Mobile Devices (palm video movies)
Michigan Web Voter Information Center (elections)
gp2x File Archive - Browse - Home
GP32X.COM - GP32, GP2X, XGP. News, reviews, games, emulators, tools and forums.
Main Page -
Storm's Nest - Legendary Pink Dots (wild optical illusion)
TIME Magazine: The Science of Meditation
Home ... Health Management Research Center
University of Michigan Identity Guidelines | Graphics Toolkit (U-M logos, seals, style, etc)
Kibaale Community Centre and School
Darik's Boot and Nuke (Hard Drive Disk Wipe)
Ken Keiter: Hit the ground running. Using Skype and Unlocking your T-Mobile SDA
Google Code Search
HAL9000 S.r.l.::High resolution photos::Iconos Technology (largest digital image on web, browsable via Flash, fresco)
ROTTEN TOMATOES: Movies and Games, Reviews and Previews
The Linux Equivalent Project - (windows software = which linux software)
Jamestown College Alumni

2007 Using Java Classes in Perl
ftps - RFC4217 - state of play (secure ftp, sftp)
Neverwinter Nights Vault (NWN modules, IGN)
U-M Program for Education and Evaluation in Responsible Research and Scholarship (PEERRS)
Fine Art Presentations (paintings, artists, elib)
Vendor contacts - U-M IT Commons Knowledge Base
Main Page - U-M IT Commons Knowledge Base - Powerful tool for creating web surveys. Online survey software made easy!
techgnosis : ARTICLES
Perl::Critic (analyze/improve perl code)
Indisches Orakel, Wahrsagerin, Hellseherin, Top Medium Tedora (Oracle-like thingy in German from Paraguay?)
ME's personal .muttrc (good example/reference mutt)
The ultimate Mutt settings (good example/reference .muttrc)
W. Bradford Paley: Map of science image in the journal Nature (paradigms)
The Austin Chronicle: Columns: Letters at 3AM FTPS with vsftpd Part 1
Create custom data charting tools using Perl and GD
Project Gutenberg (public domain e-books and audio books)
LibriVox (public domain audio books) presents South Park Studio
NetLibrary (UMich eContent collection, includes O'Reilly Safari) -- CAS+: Single Sign-On with Jifty (Part 1) (SSO)
HomePage - Jifty (rails-like perl web application framework)
OpenPrinting - The Linux Foundation
JCS, Journal of Consciousness Studies
Poiesis : Jounal of Consciousness Studies
ITCom: U-M Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Revolution Systems Blog: A Guide to Hiring Programmers: The High Cost of Low Quality
PDFlib GmbH
Quick Reference Cards
Using Access Control Lists (ACLs) With IFS Directories and Folders (pts/afs)
John Urban's CygWin X11 Setup Tool (ctwm)
Gravatar - Globally Recognized Avatars (picons-like service)
ack -- a grep replacement that ignores .svn/CVS/blib directories, understands file types, uses Perl regexes, and much more
The Programmers' Stone (new blog style)
sgr.time.mpg (video/mpeg Object) (milky way + sagitarrius dwarf galaxy)
Human behavior linked to spontaneous brain activity
Hiveminder (simple individual or group collaboration todo manager)
Holding a Program in One's Head
The Sect of Homokaasu - The Rasterbator (make huge rasterized posters from images) (AIM, instant messaging from anywhere)
BibMe - Free (MLA/APA/Chicago) Automatic Bibliography Generator
Online Electronic Email Party Web Invitations & E Invites - Holiday Evites, Wedding E-invite, Holiday...
Invitations, Free eCards and Party Planning Ideas from Evite
Miro - free, open source internet tv and video player
Amherst Magazine Spring 2004: Eros and Insight (Zajonc)
Pandora Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio, Find New Music


Getting Started with your XO (OLPC)
10 Strange Keyboards
Hacking the XO laptop | (
Tech Support, Manuals & Troubleshooting for Consumers
ITCom: U-M Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Acid Tests - The Web Standards Project
WannabEees: Eee PC vs Elonex One vs OLPC vs EasyNote XS vs MSI Wind and ... (ultraportable laptops)
Amazon Web Services Developer Connection : Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Beta)
Adobe Photoshop Express - Made You Look. (free online version)
TED | Talks | Jill Bolte Taylor: My stroke of insight (video) (stroke, brain, science, spirituality)
The net's #1 file extension resource - Dot What!?
Zattoo - TV to Go
Vim Filters: Transforming Java to Perl - O'Reilly ONLamp Blog
Asus Eee PC 900 - TrustedReviews
Sony VAIO VGN-TZ31MN - Ultra-Portable Notebook - TrustedReviews
liveplasma music, movies, search engine and discovery engine
Goggles :: The Google Maps flight sim (Jamestown ND)
Build a 14.5 watt data center in a shoebox | The Register
Plat'Home - MicroServer OpenMicroServer
Buffalo Technology - Technology Center - Our Technology
wmctrl - A command line tool to interact with an EWMH/NetWM compatible X Window Manager.
GNU Xnee (x tool to record/replay x11 user actions)
Lufthansa to Europe: Virtual Pilot!
FontStruct | Build, Share, Download Fonts (online, free)
Ulteo Virtual Desktop - Ulteo (linux within windows) - the unofficial google shell. (cool, like term in browser)
U-M Spam Busters (block status check, etc)
IN3: Google Health 2018: Best Case Scenarios [PMR, Privacy, Personal Genome, Eldercare, PHR]
IN3: Google Health 2018: Worst Case Scenarios [PMR, Privacy, HIPAA, Wellness, PHR]
Asus Eee PC 901 20G Linux Edition - TrustedReviews (mini laptop)
Wendy's Saves Michigan Money
CVS Repository (freebsd unix source code)
Star Trek: Of Gods and Men
How to Auto Export Firefox 3 bookmarks to bookmarks.html?
Interactive Linux kernel map
Laptops: Voodoo's Envy 133 Is Thinnest Notebook Alive; Based On Intel Metro Concept Laptop
Fedora Project, sponsored by Red Hat (non-standard but redhat rpm files)
Openbox (minimal window manager, recommended replacement for ctwm)
Vromans' Desktop (ctwm -> openbox configs)
An Unreliable Guide to XKB Configuration
Clipmarks - kinzler's clipmarks
FrontPage - RPMRepo Wiki (rhel addon rpms)
DAG: RPM packages for Red Hat, RHEL, CentOS and Fedora
Tim Bunce / Devel-NYTProf -
Myers-Briggs Personality Types and Careers
Books by Chance - Best Place to Sell Used Books in Ann Arbor - Books, CDs, & DVDs Sold, Donated and Recycled
Sony Compatibility Chart - Clie Handhelds
Learn To Program - Beginner's Guide
Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Details (tiny ubuntu linux laptop, cheap)
system76, Inc. (linux laptops)
ZaReason, Inc. (linux laptops)
gOS - Discover a Good OS - Hardware (linux laptops)
Ekiga ~ Free your speech. (linux voip video conferencing) Perl Black Book, 2nd Edition: Steven Holzner: Books Linux Shells by Example (with CD-ROM): Ellie Quigley: Books
No-IP - Dynamic DNS, Static DNS for Your Dynamic IP (ala dyndns)
CGI::Application (Perl MVC development)
MasonX::MiniMVC - Very simple MVC framework for HTML::Mason (Perl)
Masatoshi Mizuno / Egg-Release (Perl MVC develoment, ala Ruby on Rails?)
Learning Perl the Hard Way
sendmail Configuration Options (Mail Administration Guide) - Sun Microsystems
Flash Cookies: The Silent Privacy Killer
How Many of Me - Census Search Results (name)
Bauer Financial: Bank or Credit Union Star Ratings (bank ratings) -- Safe & Sound (tm) (bank ratings)
OpenHistory : CityViewer
DeviceGuru - Boxee adds Netflix movie downloads
Genetic Programming: Evolution of Mona Lisa -Roger Alsing Weblog
Higher-Order Perl
MHealthy Wellness Assessment (U-Mich HRA and wellness program)
Employee Signup (web app, eg screenings)
ThinkGeek :: Neuros "Link" Open Source Media PC (TV, computer, stream)
welcome to T O N Y B E N D E R . n e t (Tony Bender)


VisiBone Product Price List (HTML, browsers, CSS, etc)
7-Zip (recommended zip/tar/etc tool for windows)
Wink (software tutorial creation)
Ubuntu Linux: The Easy Installation Guide | ITworld
So you scored a Wii! Now what? | Fidgit - The World's Largest Poster and Print Store! - the best source for used Aeron Chairs from Herman Miller
Encoding data file within an ascii art!
Step 3: Preparing Word Documents for PDF Conversion
PDF Converter, Convert PDF to Word, Excel Conversion Software
Picasa Web Albums Features
Welcome to StayWell Online (U-Mich)
Picnik - edit photos the easy way, online in your browser
Play Free Online Games, Internet Games, and Free Games | Pogo Games
Popular baby names (Social Security Admin)
Video - TV Classics on CBS
Miro HD Video Player | Free internet tv and video podcast player.
Windows and Linux on the Same Laptop? (Dell E4300 netbook)
Moonlight - Mono (Silverlight)
CPAN : WWW::Mechanize (perl module to automate web page form and link interaction, screenscrape)
XXCLONE, A New Way of Cloning the Windows System Disk
Free Hard Disk Backup and Restore, Hard Disk Image and Cloning Utilities (
ZXID Home - Open Source IdM for the Masses - SAML SSO (Perl)
Expedited Visas, Visa Applications, Rush Passport, Passports, Travel (visa requirements)
Simple Module Tutorial (Perl)
How to make a CPAN Module Distribution (Perl)
Jose's Guide for creating Perl modules
PC Pro: News: Asus brings DVD drive to netbooks
International Space Station construction flash animation
Wrap 920AV (video eyeglasses)
Dropbox - Dropbox - Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy.
Berkeley Linux Users Group - Blog Archive - Where to Buy a Preinstalled Linux Desktop / Laptop
A SAML Whitepaper: How to Study and Learn SAML
ITCSDocs: Guidelines and Registration Form for Use of the ITCS Mail Relay Service (R1454)
Unison File Synchronizer
rsnapshot (backup systems, rsync-based, perl)
Rescue Mode or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Learned to Love Single-User Mode [EeeUser Eee PC Wiki]
Make Changes Permanent [EeeUser Eee PC Wiki]
Removing UnionFS/aufs [EeeUser Eee PC Wiki]
Enabling Advanced Desktop Mode on the Eee PC 900
Palm Pre Classic Application Compatibility List - AppScout
FAQ: Choosing the best doctype for your site
JavaScript Tutorials - Examples Of JavaScript Source Code For Beginners
Holiday Homes Holiday Rentals Apartments for Rent
Need Help - Ask a Question and Find Answers (askville, economy)
Yahoo! Answers - Home (question/answer/ask)
CSS Rounded Box Generator
ITCSDocs: MCommunity Sponsor System Overview (R1458)
Anyterm - Introduction (term/ssh via browser)
AjaxTerm (term/ssh via browser)
WebShell (term/ssh via browser)
shellinabox - Google Code (term/ssh via browser)
VirtualBox (virtualization, free)
OpenPrinting database - Printer Listings
Dr. Dobb's | Open Source Television | August 7, 2009
28 Questions You Wish You Asked the Manager During the Job Interview | JavaWorld's Daily Brew
see shy jo (palm pre hacking, privacy, etc)
WebOS Internals - Gitorious (palm pre)
General Enrique Estrada, Zacatecas
WebOS Internals (palm pre wiki)
High Caffeine Content: WWDC+Palm Pre = Rollercoaster Week (bypass activation)
How To Bypass Palm Pre Activation - Bilsta57's Official Blog
Monitor buying guide - CNET Reviews
Palm Pre Comprehensive Guide for switching carriers, Please Sticky - PPCGeeks
The American Cancer Society - Stephen's partipation center
Whys Poignant Guide to Ruby
University of Michigan Procurement Services
Fugitives of Chaos by John C. Wright Dramatis Personae
Applying Patches - WebOS Internals
Palm Pre Tips & Tricks - PreCentral Forums
Basic CSS Concepts
CSS Beginner Tutorial | HTML Dog
A re-introduction to JavaScript - MDC
Index of /software/ajaxterm
List of file formats (alphabetical, extensions)
List of file formats (extensions)
The American Cancer Society (Beatriz's team page Oct 2009)
The American Cancer Society (Beatriz's page Oct 2009)
En nuestras propias palabras (Lydia Cacho)
Qualtrics - Business Intelligence (online survey service @U-M)
ITCS: Software Licensing and Distribution (online survey service @U-M)
Growing software sector fuels Ann Arbor economy -
How to dual-boot Vista with Linux (Vista installed first) -- the step-by-step guide with screenshots
Seminar Info (San Francisco, Goodness/Evil)
Never-before-seen 'Star Trek' pilot found - The Live Feed | THR
The Gervais Principle II: Posturetalk, Powertalk, Babytalk and Gametalk
homebrew-chart_2.png (fileCoaster vs Preload vs PreUpdate vs Preware vs WebOS Quick Install)
PhoneGap | Cross platform mobile framework (eg palm pre devel)
091114 Rito and Melodey Wedding


Link Mojo: A Link Exchange For Small Software Developers
Critterding (artificial life simulator)
cope - a command-line program colouriser
Web 2.0 Suicide Machine - Meet your Real Neighbours again! - Sign out forever!
[all variants] Boot an existing Vista/Windows 7 (Physical HD) install with VirtualBox - Ubuntu Forums
Nikon | Feel Nikon | Universcale (scales, micro-macro, cool flash)
Slashdot | Things To Look For In a Web Hosting Company?
Chatroulette! (random webcams)
Everything Linux - Linux and the PalmPilot
What's the Mad Doctor Doing? (Damian Conway, Scripting the Vim Editor)
Cross-Platform Meta-Doctor Guide 2.0 (Bypass carrier activation & a whole lot MORE!) - PreCentral Forums (Palm Pre webos)
Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena
How to fix the McAfee SVCHOST crash from the virus definition update | Ignore the man behind the curtain
Airline Fees for Major Airlines |
25 Reasons Why Perl Keeps Rising in the Enterprise - Application Development from eWeek
IT & Software Engineering / Development (ann arbor jobs)
Red Book Dialogues: Leonard Nimoy (Jung)
Greater Good - Slide Presentations
Ksplice - The top 10 tricks of Perl one-liners - System administration and software blog
Switching from webOS to iPhone 4? Here's what you need to know! | TiPb
Zamzar - Free online file conversion | Scribus Open Source Desktop Publishing
SAML Open Source Implementations | SAML
Simple Code: ssl mutual authentication in perl
Perl SOAP::LITE WS Security and Addressing for Soap service
Wsrflite (soap, ws-security, web services in perl)
setting up camp at Camphill Village - Daniel Aaron in writing
Developer Device Program - HP Palm Developer Center
Optum eHP demo (hra)
Hans Rosling Shows You 200 Years of Global Growth in 4 Minutes | Singularity Hub
Mapping America ... Census Bureau 2005-9 American Community Survey - (high res paintings)
Spirit Alchemy (Seth Miller, Klocek, science, consciousness)


Harvest Kitchen | Prepared Food CSA in Ann Arbor
Firefox 4 beta 9 gives short shrift to Linux users | ITworld
sshblack -- Automatically blacklist SSH attackers
Fail2ban (auto blacklist ssh attackers)
Securing and Hardening Linux Systems (Linux Security Cookbook) (locking user accounts after too many login failures)
Reference Guide | Security | HIPAA | Yale University
Tooth pain after filling -- Run Linux natively inside Windows
Reciprocality - Datamodel Copy
Inkscape (open source vector graphics editor, Illustrator, CorelDraw, SVG)
HenPlus (simple jdbc sqlplus replacement)
Redis (in memory data store, arrays, hashes, Perl, key-value)
Avoid the escape key - Vim Tips Wiki
TinyApps.Org : Installing Luigi Rizzo's Standalone Kindle Terminal
sql - execute a command on a database determined by a dburl
GNU Parallel - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation
HandBrake (open source video transcoder)
Barolo Lab Movie Night
Everything Sysadmin: Python for Perl Programmers
Last Minute Boutique Hotel Deals | Tablet Hotels
Endless-Vacation-Rentals - Last Minute Vacations
America's Health Rankings - State Healthstats
U-M PTO/Vacation Policy
Ruby Learning Path (via ACM)
Detroit is fourth-best city to find a job in IT |
Passpack Free Online Password Manager
HMRC Next Gen HRA team portal
Ergonomic Keyboards | Avant Stellar Programmable Keyboard
Avant Stellar Prime CVT REPAIR keyboard Northgate clean | eBay
Compfight / A Flickr Search Tool
Green's Bluff/Owen Cave |
Green's Bluff | The Nature Conservancy
Boyne City woman is living in a lavender paradise |
Make the most of Machu Picchu -
Install 64-bit Adobe flash player in Ubuntu 11.04 | ITworld
NeighborGoods (lend, borrow, share)
SnapGoods - Borrow or Rent the Stuff You Want Safely and Easily (lend, share)
Why Buy When You Can Borrow? | Share Some Sugar (lend)
Sophie - Jia Chen - Picasa Web Albums
Natty Narwhal netbook: The ultimate network administrator toolkit | ITworld
So, you just bought an HP TouchPad? Here's what you need next... | The #1 HP webOS, TouchPad, Pre, and Veer Community |
DailyGood: The Best Goal is No Goal, by Leo Babauta
chromedevtools - Google Chrome Developer Tools for Java (usable for command line remote control?)
SRWare Iron (Chrome/Chromium browser secure/private version)
web2py Web Framework (python)
10 volunteer opportunities for free travel -
SSH Can Do That? Productivity Tips for Working with Remote Servers | Smylers []
The Chromium Projects (free Chrome-based browser) - Portable software for USB, portable and cloud drives Perl/ETL Developer (Domino's Ann Arbor)
Installing Your Own Perl (perlbrew)
Fall driving tour a road map to state's beauty (Michigan travel)
The Kira Institute (secondlife meetings and workshops, philosophy, etc)
NATCA: Avoid Delays (airport flights)
Crayola Play Zone (make coloring pages out of photographs)
Linux tablet will be fully open source | ITworld
HowTos/SELinux - CentOS Wiki
Docs/Drafts/SELinux - FedoraProject
RHEL6 SELinux cheat sheet | Laurent Domb OSS Blog
ImperialViolet - SELinux from the inside out
Security-Enhanced Linux
BuildSeLinuxPolicyModules - Hints, Tips and HOWTOs
Mojolicious - Perl real-time web framework
An Interactive Guide to NPR's List of Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books
The Chymistry of Isaac Newton (alchemy)
Aldiko - eBook Reader Application for Android
xkcd: Money Chart
CyanogenMod (Android privacy, see also DroidGuard, AdAway, LBE Privacy Guard)
Glassdoor -- an inside look at jobs & companies (salaries, reviews, interviews)
How To Root Your Android Phone With SuperOneClick
The Rise of Developeronomics (invest in software developers)
Gist (share snippets and pastes with revisioning)
Hack Attack: Turn your $60 router into a $600 router
Turn Your Old Router into a Range-Boosting Wi-Fi Repeater


Perl is more viable for web development than ever! | Joel Berger []
Aptana (open source web development IDE, eclipse)
Outplacement Services | Executive Outplacement | Outplacement Consultants | Job Leads | Networking Events | Gray Hair Management
The Lord of the Rings Family Tree Project
University of Michigan : Order Food Online : Campus Restaurants : MMORPG, MMO, RPG, Role Playing Games (MMORPGS) (Linux, free)
Tribal Trouble 2 - Free-to-play 3D MMORTS in your browser
All Thomson Reuters Jobs (ann arbor employment)
UNetbootin (like pendrivelinux, usb linux)
Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts
Interpreted Languages: PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby (Sheet One) - Hyperpolyglot
ChronoZoom (HTML5 multi-scale timeline viewer)
Passage: a Gamma256 video game by Jason Rohrer
Taste of India (Suvai) coupons at University of Michigan
Code for America | A New Kind of Public Service
16 ultimate SSH hacks | ITworld
images on the fly (GD perl web)
GraphicsMagick Image Processing System (improved ImageMagick)
The most entertaining video about Linux you'll watch today | ITworld
Exclusive Infographics: Fictional Character Birthday Calendars - Flavorwire
Flood Maps
MToken Service Center: Home
Re^3: Perl vs. Compilable Language (LOC lines of code, FP function points)
A Better Queue
Get Your Walk Score - Find Walkable Apartments and Rentals
Drive Score - Find a Perfect Neighborhood
Neighborhood Search for Home Buyers and Real Estate Investment - NeighborhoodScout
Explore the Human Microbiome [Interactive]: Scientific American
Slickdeals: The Best Deals, Coupons & Discounts on Laptops, Computers, LCDs, TVs, Dell, HP, Apple, Amazon
Oracle of Wikipedia
An Introduction to Application Development with Catalyst and Perl | Linux Journal
Hive Five News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - Lifehacker
Dancer - Perl Web Framework for easy and fun webapp development
Perl web development (Plack/PSGI interface perl to web servers)
Mojolicious (perl web app framework)
Barracuda Networks (Ann Arbor jobs perl/linux)
Digital Painting lessons
A Non-Designer's Guide to Typefaces and Layout
Basics of Photoshop: Designing a Website
Learn the Basics of Design This Weekend
Plan Your Free Online Education at Lifehacker U: Spring Semester 2012
Learn Python The Hard Way | A Beginner Programming Book
8 Signs of an Extraordinary Boss - Yahoo! Small Business Advisor
University of Michigan SPG on cell phones
Roadtrippers | Powerful Route Planning Awesome Curated Places & Trips
Anythony's X Window Applications Summary
Anthony's X Window Event Handling page - Send to Kindle, Read in Peace (ADDON)
Zero Cost Kindle Books | Updated Daily | OneHundredFreeBooks
Amazon Kindle Owners Can Now Check Out Books at the Local Library
July 30 - M+Google
Graphing the history of philosophy - Drunks&Lampposts
Middle-Earth Timeline - LotrProject
Lighthouse - Beautifully Simple Issue Tracking (ticket tracking, try for free)
Lavender Hill Farms, Laundry Bar Lavender Products
Tasker for Android
android-scripting - Scripting Layer for Android brings scripting languages to Android. - Google Project Hosting
The Absolute No-Bulls**t Guide To Writing, Publishing And Selling A Book: Introduction And Chapter 1 | Joe The Peacock's Blog. - Connect with Friends, Find Jobs, Explore Companies
Mobile Devices - M+Google
Mosh: the mobile shell (ssh-frontend for fast&persistent remote ssh sessions)
The Internet map
Sensitive Regulated Data: Permitted and Restricted Uses
University of Michigan | ITS | Safe Computing | Security and Privacy in the U-M Google Environment
ScanEye | Your Torrents Deep Scanning
Openbox on My Linux Laptop (from ctwm)
BBC - Future - Science & Environment - Drake equation: How many alien civilizations exist?
Download and Install Google Fonts on your Computer
Google Web Fonts
How to Reduce the File Size of Google Fonts for your Website
CareerBliss - Search Salaries, Company Reviews, and Jobs | CareerBliss
Download Reference Posters for Google Web Fonts
ttf2eot on the web!
Hash your passwords!
Learn to code | Codecademy
Ask Slashdot: Taming a Wild, One-Man Codebase? (git bazaar svn repo)
Watch 1,000 Years of Warfare in Five Minutes
Manage Your Tech Career (startup salary & equity compensation)
Know What Salary to Ask For in Your New Job
U-M 2012 Benefits Book
Roll Your Own Perfectly-Organized Printable Online Resume in Five Minutes
How do our favorite tech companies make money?
Saagara - Mobile Health and Wellness (Ann Arbor based, jobs)
Free Wireless Internet | Free Internet | 4G Wireless Internet - FreedomPop
Ann Arbor Templetonians (Ann Arbor, MI) - Meetup
Ask Slashdot: How Often Do You Push To Production? - Slashdot
Assistants for Everyone - Fancy Hands
Fiverr: Graphics, marketing, fun and more online services for $5
Clarity - Get great advice. (entrepreneur, experts) (make large background images from maps)
Gate One | Liftoff Software (HTML5 terminal, in Chrome browser)
Literature and Latte - Scrivener (documents, writing, editor)
Host Web Pages on Google Drive
How to Find the Perfect Way to Build Your Web Site (for Coders and Non-Coders Alike)
Splashtop Streamer for Ubuntu Controls Your Linux Desktop, Streams Video, and More
Mailvelope Offers Free, Easy-to-Use PGP Encryption for Gmail, Outlook, and Other Webmail Services
ICSI Certificate Notary
Data Visualizations | Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation


Lost Luggage? If You Had This Little Thing in Your Bag You Would Know Where It Was
Get a raise with tools and guides - GetRaised: Promote Yourself
The Ultimate Guide to Worldwide Etiquette
What's the Best Way to Use My Credit Card Rewards and Travel Points?
30 Minutes To CPAN
Census Dotmap
Kindle Wallpapers
MiServer | Michigan IT
PULP-O-MIZER: the custom pulp magazine cover generator
Ask Slashdot: A Cheap US Cellphone Plan With an Unlocked Phone? - Slashdot
SIMPLE Mobile | Unlimited Cell Phone Plans
KarmaTube: Hunting Happiness
Nowcation - Wanna get away? (travel, flights, vacation)
Interactive Infographic: How To Buy A Suit | Complex
How to create a Perl Module for code reuse?
How the Heck Do I Use GitHub?
Simple Team Performance Management - iDoneThis
Wine Pairing Chart |
Which is better perl-CGI, mod_perl or PSGI?
Sensitive Data Guide to IT Services | Sensitive Data Guide
Sensitive Regulated Data: Permitted and Restricted Uses
Toward a Biology Worthy of Life (netfuture, Talbott)
The Top Free Ways To Stream Video From Your Computer To Your Mobile Or Tablet
Wellness And Fairness - HuffPost Live (mod tv)
Does our solar system have a special connection to the structure of the universe?
Artica Official web site | web based administration interface (mail/proxy/file server)
Postfix Admin - Web based administration interface
Swiss File Knife - A Command Line Tools Collection for Windows (7/Vista/XP) and Linux/Mac
Pick the Right Color for Design or Decorating with This Color Psychology Chart
Infographics & Data Visualization |
Create infographics & online charts |
How to tether Android - EasyTether. Android tethering for Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Fedora, PS3, XBox, Wii, Windows
cryptsetup - Setup virtual encryption devices under dm-crypt Linux - Google Project Hosting
TrueCrypt - Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Disk Encryption Software for Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X and Linux
Phone Arena - Phone News, Reviews and Specs (tablet comparisons, android)
How to Set Up Your Own Private Cloud Storage Service in Five Minutes with OwnCloud
Play Perl
Compass Biblelands Cruise 2013 | Collecting all the cheat sheets
bartaz/impress.js - GitHub (vs powerpoint, slick html-based presentation framework)
D3.js - Data-Driven Documents
reveal.js - The HTML Presentation Framework (vs powerpoint)
Coding, Fast and Slow: Developers and the Psychology of Overconfidence - create an elegant profile to showcase your expertise
How To Find the Best Prepaid Plan and Ditch Your Contract for Good
Policies -- FOIA and CRIA
Photo editor online - edit image
How Far is it to Mars?
Chrome Web Store - Codenvy IDE
Overseas Exile (work overseas, job)
How to Learn All About a New City Without Leaving Your House
Learn Python The Hard Way, 2nd Edition ... Learn Python The Hard Way, 2nd Edition
Writing your first Django app, part 1 | Django documentation | Django
Get a Free Vehicle History Report Before You Buy a Car
AirRide (DTW-Ann Arbor bus service)
Literal meanings of places in the U.S [MAP]. - Slate Magazine
Roadtrippers | Road Trip Planner | Route Planning
Commercial Progression | The Drupal Experts
PayScale - Salary Comparison, Salary Survey, Search Wages
cepstrum, quefrency, rahmonic (Fourier transform)
biggie: presentations (powerpoint slides easy web-based)
Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, C, C++, Lua, tcl, javascript and Java comparison
NUKEMAP2 by Alex Wellerstein
orrery (plants viewer)
The Planets Today : A live view of the solar system (orrery, in Chrome)
Solar System Scope (orrery, planets)
Is "Leadership" Overvalued? | Gather
The Ultimate Travel Hacking Guide
Free VPN Service | Free VPN Software - Hotspot Shield VPN
HTTPS Everywhere | Electronic Frontier Foundation
The complete history of the world ... up to 1930 ... in one glorious chart
The Racial Dot Map: One Dot Per Person | Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service
Nextdoor: Join the free private social network for your neighborhood
Git - Book
Getting Started with Git: The Fundamentals | Dr Dobb's
CloudConvert - convert anything to anything (incl CBZ to PDF)
How to Turn Your Pile of Code into an Open Source Project
How to Decide Whether a Task is Worth Outsourcing (designers)
HTML5 is the Future of Book Authorship - Programming - O'Reilly Media
The Logic Behind 19 Common Interview Questions
University of Michigan Performance Management
Dr Charles Beylard Guerard de Nancrede (1847 - 1921) (1015 e huron nu sigma nu hmrc)
What do you stand to make? (apps, ebooks, etc)
Asana - Teamwork without email (collaboration, workload)
Trello (collaboration, teamwork, workload)
Pandoc (markdown markup conversion) - Free Telephone Conference Call Service
The 2013 Leadership Handbook: How to Better Communicate
Chrysanthemum Festival | Longwood Gardens
Now you can understand Fourier transforms -- like a boss (git umich code repo)
ShellCheck - Online shell script analyzer (bash, sh)
CSS Button Generator - Imageless CSS Buttons Simplified
Perl Training Australia - Managing processes with Ubic
BuiltinPerl - startups, apps, projects using Perl - match command-line arguments to their help text
Perl Advent Calendar 2013 - Web done better! (plack, psgi, perl web frameworks)
Piktochart: Infographic and Graphic Design for Non-Designers | create and share visual ideas online (infographics)
babo: a market by Sava (monthly juice cleanse)
Over-Extended Metaphor for the day (Unix/Linux ala Christianity religion)
Specify Skill and Personality Trait for Great LinkedIn Recommendations


Kyle Hailey - Popularity vs Productivity vs Performance (programming languages, perl, python, etc)
DAKOTALAPSE - Timelapse and still photography - Milky Way, night and daytime, time lapse stock footage
Cards Against Humanity (printable, buyable, game)
ITSDocs: Guidelines and Registration Form for Use of the ITS Mail Relay Service (R1454)
AWS Essentials Training for University of Michigan (amazon web services)
How the Heck Do I Use GitHub?
Resume DTD (SGML, unified resume formats)
Enriching scholarship140506 (accessibility umich)
HMRC office/staff handbook
U-M HR procedures (umich, handbook, human resources)
U-M staff handbook (umich, handbook, human resources)
Numbea - Cost of Living (in various world cities)
Solarized - Ethan Schoonover (nice color scheme for X/vim/mutt/web/*)
tmux (terminal multiplexer, ala screen)
How To Turn Your Android Phone Into The Ultimate GPS Navigator
How to run your own e-mail server with your own domain
Airline Fees: The Ultimate Guide (PDF chart)
Gnod Laptop Comparison
This Graphic Lists Over 200 Resources for Making Money Online
Music Theory for Musicians and Normal People (nice graphical book)
SDF Public Access UNIX System - Free Shell Account and Shell Access
Material Icons Index (freed google icons/glyphs)
Emotions - Feelings Word Vocabulary
Wheel of Words (emotions - feelings word vocabulary)
Esri ZIP Code Lookup | Demographics and Lifestyle by ZIP Code
Shake - Free Legal Agreements (easy contracts online)
Perl Advent Calendar 2014 - Making a list, checking it twice... (perl, sqlite, dbicdump, dbi)
Use the "22 Colors of Maximum Contrast" to Organize Your Calendars
Silk - Interactive Generative Art (symmetry, spiral, mirror)
How to Set Up Your Own Private Cloud Storage Service in Five Minutes with OwnCloud
GitHub Cheat Sheet
Interactive Vim tutorial
Secure Secure Shell (ssh)
Cloud VPS Hosting from only $1 per month by Atlantic.Net (compare digitalocean) | Chicago Based VPS and Dedicated Servers, $1, $5 (compare digitalocean)
Five Best Online Presentation Creation Tools (vs powerpoint, haiku deck, prezi, google slides, reveal.js/
The 20 Pound World Travel Backpack
Google Search Operators (advanced google reference guide)
Kayak's Travel Hacker Guide Helps You Plan Your International Trips
Grab 24 Free Ebooks to Learn a New Programming Language
modulator | metaflop (interactive font design)
What is Meditation / Mindfulness Good for? | Information Is Beautiful
Pablo by Buffer - Design engaging images for your social media posts in under 30 seconds (text over image)
Skillset - Certification Practice Tests and Skill Assessments - Removes passwords from viewable PDFs - open-minded scientific investigations - Campaign for Open Science (post-materialism)
Coolors - The super fast color schemes generator! (see also `apts agave`)
This Chart Shows When You Should Use Ibuprofen vs. Acetaminophen
The Racial Dot Map: One Dot Per Person for the Entire U.S.
University of Michigan School of Information UX Design Clinic (design consulting for local entrepreneurs 2015-01)
Find the right programming language to learn first with this Lord of the Rings-themed flowchart | ITworld
This animated map shows how religion spread across the world.
Android - UMHS Email using AirWatch - UMHS KnowledgeBase - UMMS Confluence
Android - UMHS Email via TouchDown - UMHS KnowledgeBase - UMMS Confluence
The Pros and Cons of DIY Wills
"Willing" Automatically Generates Your Legally Binding Will
APM Best Practices: Realizing Application Performance Management: ProQuest Tech Books (access from w/i U-M)
planetary seals
a2b3 - Ann Arbor lunch group (local resources, questions)
Detroit Freecycle
Ann Arbor Winter Clothing & Survival Guide
jhthorsen - How I write web applications (mojolicious, assetpack, swagger, roit, sass, materialize, cloudflare, toadfarm)
Amazon Storywriter
Washtenaw Area Resistance (Ingress) | Product Categories | Phoenix Dawn Designs
Ingress Resistance Touch Screen Gloves | Glider Gloves
Choosing an HTTP Status Code
Modern Perl Web Development (slide presentation, PSGI, Plack)
RXVT REFERENCE (urxvt, rxvt-unicode)
American Panorama (interactive data)
TheMozg/awk-raycaster - GitHub (awkaster, wolfenstein/doom in 650 lines of awk/gawk)
IT eBooks - Free Download - Big Library
Let's Encrypt - Free SSL/TLS Certificates
(Ingress) Mission Banner Slicer
Usable Privacy Shows You What Privacy Policies Actually Mean, in Plain English
Busch's Soup Calendar
Capsula Mundi, Eco-Friendly Burial Pods That Plant Bodies Under Trees in Egg-Shaped Capsules (casket, burial, funeral)
A Simple Web Developer's Guide To Color – Smashing Magazine
35 Surreal Illustrations That Will Make You Question The "Normalcy" Of Society
Old MCIT Platform Engineering (awesome) bookmarks
TeamViewer -- Remote Support, Remote Access, Online Collaboration and Meetings (~vnc, ~rdp)
How We Make Sense of the World - A Study in Rudolf Steiner's Epistemological Work, Ronald H Brady
Travel Tours & Guided Trips | National Geographic Expeditions
GitHub - AHAAAAAAA/PokemonGo-Map: Live visualization of all the pokemon in your area... and more!
frequently used SSL commands
First, Let’s Get Rid of All the Bosses | New Republic (teal organization, zappos, hsieh)
9 basic principles of responsive web design
Keep on Trekkin' | Alumni Association of the University of Michigan (star trek u-m)
Draw a symbol - Mausr (symbol/unicode recognition/lookup draw)
Stack Overflow's Developer Stories Are Resumes Built for Developers
Resume Beacon Is a Simple, Free, Non-Flashy Online Resume Builder


Pokemon Go in Ann Arbor: By the Numbers - Josh Woodward
HTML 5 Cheat Sheet [Free PDF Download] -- OnBlastBlog
YouTube (video) Converter & Downloader - Convert to MP3, MP4, AVI
[Pokemon Go] Gym Stability - Josh Woodward
Global Nest Atlas | The Silph Road | Pokemon GO Nests
Guide: Installing and Running a GNU/Linux Environment on Any Android Device
Ann Arbor Pokémon Map
Gym Stability Log On - Josh Woodward (pokemon)
The Most Common Java Keytool Keystore Commands (ssl certificates)
Eightydays Plans a Multi-City European Trip For You
algo/ * trailofbits/algo (easy DIY VPN)
Network Addresses / U-M Information and Technology Services (ip ranges, campus, its)
Favicon Generator (And How To Set Up A Favicon) -
Your Pick For the Best VPN Service Is Private Internet Access (but no netflix)
mRemoteNG (windows ssh/rdp/etc client, nice; ala remmina for linux)
The Best Time to Visit Anywhere in the World - Decision Data (travel weather)
Periodic Table of DevOps Tools
Discover the power of Bash on Windows | ITworld (WSL windows subsystem for linux)
Bash on Ubuntu on Windows - About (WSL windows subsystem for linux)
Best DVR for cord cutters (plex, hdhomerun, tablo, tivo)
Plex Just Killed My Cable Box Rental, and It Could Kill Yours Too (hdhomerun, dvr)
This Résum(resume) for Elon Musk Proves You Never, Ever Need to Use More Than One Page | Money
Pokemon Go Events
2017 Ops Salary Survey - O'Reilly Media (devops, system/software engineer, bash/perl/python)
git - the simple guide - no deep shit! (w/ cheat sheet)
Equinox 2018 (mayan, mexican mysteries, travel, tour)
Delegating: Leading vs. Managing vs. Doing | Human Resources University of Michigan
Athens & Ancient Greece - Go Ahead Tours
Steve's ctwm Secret Stash
GitHub - w0rp/ale: Asynchronous Lint Engine (for vim 8, perl etc)
First Monday
IT news, careers, business technology, reviews | ITworld
PvE Transcendent Weapon Enchant Comparison (neverwinter)
Oh, sh*t, git!
Getting started with Perl on Docker
9.6. Creating and Modifying systemd Unit Files - Red Hat Customer Portal
Neverwinter Mount Insignia Bonuses
Employee Recognition | Michigan Medicine (making a difference award)
How to Ask for a Free Airline Upgrade When Traveling | Money (first-class)
Univeristy of Michigan Medicine - PTO Policy (?)
Tides of History – Wondery – A Network of Storytellers (podcast)
Current Hardcore History Available for Free (podcast)
Something True - Idle Thumbs Network (history podcast)
Episodes » the memory palace (history podcast)
Michigan Medicine - Communications DIY Toolkit (survey, branding, presentations, web updates)
Michigan Online (online courses learning portal, coursera, python, credits, online degrees)
Neverwinter Uncensored - Character Manager - Ratings Simulator
Hunter Ranger Guide with builds, rotations, BiS gear and more! (neverwinter)
Hunter | MMOMinds (neverwinter hunter/ranger builds/loadouts)
Eagle Eye's Hunter Ranger True Archery Build(PVE) MOD 13 | MMOMinds(neverwinter)
HTML Periodic Table: A Beginner-Friendly HTML5 Table of Elements
Security Backporting Practice - Red Hat Customer Portal
Suse Doc: Deployment Guide - Backporting Source Code
tmux a terminal multiplexer
Country Comparison - Hofstede Insights (power distance, individualism, masculinity, uncertainty avoidance, long term orientation, indulgence)
Bluestwave - The Dreammachine
Neverwinter: Trapper DPS/Buff-Debuff build
Write your name in Elvish in 10 minutes (quenya, sindarin, lord of the rings)
ORACLE-BASE - Apache Tomcat 9 Installation on Linux (RHEL and clones)
Play with Docker


How old do I look? (
How to Start Meditating with Your Child
Jekyll * Simple, blog-aware, static sites (website generator)
Ghost: Turn your audience into a business (website generator)
The world's fastest framework for building websites | Hugo (website generator)
A Visual Git Reference
git - the simple guide - no deep shit!
How to Use Ansible: An Ansible Cheat Sheet Guide
The Measure of Things (meaningful comparative/relative measurements of physical quantities)
GitHub - crowdsecurity/crowdsec (firewall, fail2ban) by Miltos Manetas!
Online Youtube Video Downloader | (or add "pp" for
Rome2rio: discover how to get anywhere (travel means)
10 Minute Mail - Free Anonymous Temporary email
Emergency and Disaster Information Service (map, events)
12ft Ladder (paywall circumventer)
Free Online OCR - convert PDF to Word or Image to text
Atlas Obscura - Curious and Wondrous Travel Destinations
Open Payments Data - CMS (check doctors)
Remove Background from Image -
SUSE Packages (search, find)
Best Online Piano Lessons: Apps, Courses, Software (2022)
Ultimate Guitar Tabs (piano chords too)
Security Tokens - Accessories (yubikey, duo, 2fa)
Point in History (cool map of history of places)
All History (interactive graph of events from Wikipedia
PerlPhrasebook - Python Wiki
Convert any script to a Linux service (daemon, python, perl)
gcloud CLI | Google Cloud CLI Documentation
Paint With Music ... Google Arts & Culture (brush strokes to notes)
Developer Roadmaps (incl devops, python, etc)
Old Maps Online
Hemingway Editor (simplifying copy editing)
Voice Dictation - Online Speech Recognition
10 minute mail (temporary disposable email addresses)
PDF Drive - Search and download PDF files for free. (ebooks)
Free AI Writing, PDF, Image, and other Online Tools - TinyWow - The cron schedule expression editor
Enterprise Bridges (navigate, viewer, explorer)
FCIV.NET 3D browser version of the turn-based strategy game Freeciv.
2023 Fall Foliage Map & Nationwide Peak Leaf Forecast
TheLibraryMap (book clusters related)
U-M ITS - Use ACME to Automate Renewals of InCommon Certificates (letsencrypt)
Create AI-Assisted ITS TeamDynamix Knowledge Article


One-column, large readable text (exemplar)
One-column, large, clean readable text (exemplar)
One-column, classy, clean text/sidebar/comments (exemplar)
Nice font, max width approach
Basic color theory tutorial
This Graphic Offers Good-Looking Fonts to Replace Dull, Overused Ones
Nice markup for text articles
Google Just Made It Super Easy To Build a Website With Material Design

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