Mastering the World-Wide Web

Spring `96 Projects

These group projects are developed over the course of the semester. The groups are self-selected and consist of between one to four students to create and develop a unique Web resource of some form of their own choosing within the assigned criteria and deadlines.

Group projects are intended to provide an opportunity to explore areas and aspects of the Web of particular interest or value to the students, and to channel their creativity and enthusiasm toward a productive and rewarding goal. Group members can complement each other's strengths toward a common end, learning from each other and how to work as part of a Web development team. Also, having developed a project of significance will provide demonstrable skills and experience for students who will seek opportunities in professional Web development, and perhaps even allow them to make a names for themselves on the Web.

Ashton Center Residence Life Department Web Site
Troy Tricker
Design a web site for the Residence Life Department in Ashton Center. Pages will include staff, resident, building and program listings, duty calendar, community council, etc.
Boy Scout Troop 170 Web Site
Louise O'Connor
My proposed project will build a Web page for Boy Scout Troop 170 in Bloomington, IN. This page will disseminate and retrieve information concerning troop activities and functions. It will include such information as newsletters, upcoming trips, calendar of events, merit badge information and a want-ad listing. Scouts can submit comments through email and suggestions made on feedback forms. This page will also link up to other relevant Scout Web pages.
Catalog of Indiana University Motor Pool Fleet
Patrick Hastings
Working alone, I would create a catalog of vehicles available for rental by the Indiana University Motor Pool, and add it to the existing home page. It would include pages that would contain a color image of each type of vehicle, as well as a discription. It would also contain a CGI application that would estimate the cost of a planned rental.
China Web Site
Jiayu Boa
Build a web site that will provide information and services for those people who have an interest in China, including imagemaps of major Chinese cities, links to Chinese newspapers, Universities, newsgroups and other Chinese resources.
Lucy Snyder
This one-person project will be an illustrated educational site that gives people an overview of the natural history and pharmacology of 5-7 plants (such as the mayapple) which produce natural substances that are used in chemotherapy. Each entry will include a photo or illustration of the plant itself, a three-dimensional rendering (in Kinemage format if I can't manage a version in Java) of its pharamcologically active biomolecule, and graphics that illustrate the drugs' physiological activity. I also intend to put in a short, automatically-graded quiz so that people can use the pages as an online tutorial.
Elizabeth Siemers, Sonja Hyde, Nick Hawkins
A site which informs and entertains the user about the American governmental process with an overview of government as a whole, an overview of the electoral process, pop quizzes, image maps and question-based navigation. Progress report.
Hoosier Online Connection
Tony Brinson, Thomas Hall, Geoff Harmon, Brian Koehler
The Web site/application created by our group will be a place where IU students can post information about themselves in a standard format, to assist in locating other students who share similar interests. The information, voluntarily posted by individuals, will be categorized to provide easy searching methods and a standard user interface. Although we anticipate that a large part of its usage will come from students looking for dates, we hope that people will take advantage of the space to meet new friends, to form clubs or bands, or to participate in any other activity which brings people together.
Individualized Major Program Web Site
Daniel McDeavitt, Alex Vigdor
An authorized web site for the Individualized Major Department at Indiana University, offering information and services for IMP Faculty, Staff, accepted and prospective Students, as well as the general public.
Jeff Smith
The proposed project will be a website that provides information that some might find useful and some might find useless, but none the less entertaining. The site, to be called "Insomnia" will be an on line database of 24 hour restaurants throughout the United States. The site will take into account many aspects of the course. CGI scripts will be implemented for users to add additional information to the database. CGI will also be used for me to administrate the site, as well as to check all of the users input and only add valuable information.
IU Dance Marathon Web Site
Shawn Hanna
My project is to Build a home page for the IU Dance Marathon. It will be useful to sign people up for the marathon and to get fundraising reports from the fundraising groups.
Locker Combination Lookup for SRSC
Randy Streator
The project involves a service for SRSC members that have a locker at the facility. These members will be able to go to the Recreational Sports' homepage and be able to lookup their particular locker combinations. The member will be asked to input their name and some other information to check against known data to verify the person is who they say they are. One possible solution to verifying the person is to link into the university server and to verify the person's network password.
Natural Resource Systems Database Gateway
Julie England
The project will involve creating a web form interface that will allow access to a set of data collected during 1986 to 1990 at a research institution at Indiana University. The data is stored in a complex relational database which will be simplified and converted to a usable format for the web interface. This will also include formating and display of historical and background materials from the database project.
Pink Floyd Archive
Chris Pavicich
The primary goal for my semester project is to provide an archive of lyrics, photos, and audio clips of the music of Pink Floyd. The site is intended for entertainmnet purposes only. Project report.
Recreation Therapists of Indiana, Inc. Web Site
Ken Stumpf, Jason Openshaw
The purpose of this project is to develop a web presence for the professional organization, Recreation Therapists of Indiana (RTI), Incorporated. This group is a non-profit organization with it's primary offices in Indianapolis, and with members throughout the state. RTI is recognized as a chapter of the American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA).
Scheduling Calendar for Residence Hall Computer Assistants
David Ehle
This appointment system will provide a more efficient system for addressing the Networking needs of students in the residence halls. It will include a menu system for determining the appropriate Assistant, and provide a schedule of their available hours. The system will then allow for the student to schedule an appointment.
Sociology Dept Web Site Enhancement
Sarah Holmes
For this project, I propose to extend the services of an existing departmental web site. There are three major areas that need attention. 1) Convert an in-house, 100+ page computer guide to HTML format. 2) Generate documentation in the form of outlines, maps, procedures and tools for the site, which already contains over 150 subdocments. 3) Provide interactive services for the faculty and students that will, hopefully, produce a site that can be not only interesting, but useful.
Theatre Design Visualization Site
David Gulbransen
The TDVS is designed to be a resource for Theatre Design processes and new imaging technology. The Site will progress in two stages of development: and informational stage and production stage. The informational stage will consist of a database of Internet resources centered around Theatre design and design processes. The bulk of the site would consist of listings of Web sites, newsgroups, and mailing lists concerned with Theatre production arts and design. Stage two would consist of an interactive design workshop, consisting of means for production crew conferencing, and design interaction.
Two-Player Java Tic-Tac-Toe
Hussam Husain Qasem, Bassam H. Qasem, Sivasailam Thiagarajan
Using Java to write a 2 player interactive Tic Tac Toe game. The two players will play against each other over the Internet using two browsers. With possible enhancment for the game to be a 3-D Tic Tac Toe!
Used Computer Clearinghouse
Jeff Cook, Andrew Granger, Zac Bir, James Ison
The purpose of our project is to set up a web site which contains automated CGI scripts for placing an ad, and managing files. The inital pages will contain a list of "ads" containing a username and byline. When a link is clicked on you will be taken to page posted by the seller which gives all of the pertinent information. Users will also be able to place an "ad" by filling in a form. Once that "ad" is placed a date will be set to it. and in 30 days from that date the ad and it's link on the links page will be removed.
Virtual Bars of Bloomington
Andy Stone, Tadas Paegle, Tom Hanselman, Kerry Bodine
For our project, we plan on doing virtual bars of Bloomington. We would like to have an overhead view of Bloomington that we could turn into a virtual world in which the user can click on a bar and he or she is transported to that bar and its corresponding virtual world.
Adrian Hosey
Webhack is a fantasy adventure game in the tradition of Wizardry and The Bard's Tale. The player takes on an alter ego of a fantasy adventurer and enters a maze on a quest. He must find his way through the maze and must overcome the monsters and other "bad guys" encountered.
West Bengal/Calcutta Web Site
Mousumi Duttaray, Kajal Mukhopadhyay
For the last few months we have been organizing, collecting and designing materials on our native state of West Bengal in India and especially on the city of Calcutta. The richness of the information that we already collected is notable including the imagemaps and the pictures. Other text based information are also quiet extensive.
Jon Alan Hall
Westminster is a collection of documents from the branch of Christian theology known as Reformed Theology. The purpose of this project is to provide information about and to aid in the instruction of the beliefs of the Reformed faith. Future additions will include the King James Version of the Bible, John Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion, and a quiz generating script. If possible, this project will be modified to run locally (for those who do not have Internet access) on a Macintosh using a web browser and MacPerl.
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