Mastering the World-Wide Web

Spring `96 Assignment #4
Java Lab #3: 18-19 April 1996

Attendance and participation in this lab, along with the other Java labs, form the grade for this assignment. Students not able to attend a lab may demonstrate mastery of the lab exercises to the lab AI outside of class for the grade credit. Students with more Java/programming experience should pair with less experienced students to work together at a workstation in the labs. The less experienced student should drive the console with the more experienced student tutoring and advising to complete as much of the following exercises as they can during the lab period. Collaboration and questions are encouraged.

Goal 1: Complete any unfinished goals from the previous labs #1 and #2

Assignment Grading

For full credit, complete all goals through and including Goal 2 of Lab #2 and verify them with the lab AI. Additional goals beyond this may be completed for extra credit.

<> 17 April 1996