Mastering the World-Wide Web

Spring `96 Course Description

Course: A348 (3CR)
Availability: open to both undergraduate and graduate students, with authorization
Title: Mastering the World-Wide Web
Instructor: Steve Kinzler <>
Associate Instructor: Steve DeCherrie <>
Associate Instructor: Stephen Hughes <>
Enrollment: 70 maximum
Classes: 2 lectures and one of two discussion sections/labs per week
2098   Lecture      Kinzler     MW    4:00P- 5:15P   LH102
2099   Discussion   DeCherrie   R     4:40P- 5:30P   LH115/LH004
2101   Discussion   DeCherrie   F    10:10A-11:00A   LH115/LH004
NOTE: This course now requires authorization for registration, even though this is not noted in the Schedule of Classes. Since it was incorrectly advertised without its programming experience prerequisite, this authorization is to confirm that registering students have at least the equivalent two semester's programming experience to have the necessary background to learn the new languages that will be used in the course. The Computer Science main office in Lindley 215 (855-6486) can provide the authorization.

This course is intended to provide technical, programming and administrative background and experience for a career with the World-Wide Web. Students should have at least two semesters programming experience, or its equivalent, and be comfortable working with an operating system such as Unix or DOS. They should also have familiarity with the Internet and the World-Wide Web, such as could be gained in CSCI A148 Working the World-Wide Web.

Topics to be covered include:

As needed for understanding the Web, background will be provided on Internet network protocols and programming, standards relating to the Web (eg, URI, SGML, MIME, MPEG, JPEG), and the historical context of the technologies. Also, throughout the course, consideration will be given to the economical, sociological, ethical and legal ramifications of the Web and the Internet in general.

The course will be very hands-on and projects oriented. Students should gain direct knowledge and experience of how to run a web site with full functionality and how to keep current with these fast-moving technologies. Lectures and discussions will utilize a projected computer display for the instructor.


<> 6 January 1996