Mastering the World-Wide Web

A Note on Evaluation Anonymity

The online evaluations and surveys in this course, including the departmental course evaluation, utilize the IUeval system. This system is designed with the protection of the students's anonymity (for anonymous evaluations and surveys) as a high priority. Only the evaluation administrators have access to the identity data, and then not at all conveniently. They are obligated to guard access to it and only access it themselves if strictly necessary for the purposes of completing successful evaluations. After the course is over, this identity data is deleted, leaving no permanent record of the evaluators' identities.

Since I, your instructor for this course, am also an evaluation administrator, there may be concern about the fact that I have access to my own evaluation identity data. Therefore, on my honor, I give my word that I will not use this access with regards to my own evaluations and will make no attempt to circumvent their anonymity protections.

Steve Kinzler

<> 4 February 1996