Mastering the World-Wide Web

Spring `96 Project Schedule

Wed 21 Feb 1996 -- Proposal Due

A URL for the project should be chosen and a project proposal in the form of a web page written and installed there. The page must list the one to four members of the group, the precise goals of the project and how these goals will be achieved. It should also contain a concise one paragraph description of the project suitable for inclusion on the course projects page. E-mail the URL to <> on or before this date. This proposal will factor into the final project grade.

The instructor will approve acceptable proposals and work with the groups to revise other proposals. The more students in the group, the more substantial the project will need to be, though probably somewhat less than in proportion to the group size. Auditing students wishing to participate in a project may form their own groups or join a group with non-auditing students with their permission, though all should realize that auditing students do not have a grade at stake. Groups will be provided with Unix groups and extra system resources as their project requires.

My advice on choosing a project is to identify your strongest interest in the Web and find a way to make a project out of it, since these projects can take different forms. Use the course newsgroup and the pre-course student survey results to help form your groups, solicit members with complementary skills, and announce your interests and availability.

Mon 25 Mar 1996 -- Status Report Due

A project status report web page should be installed and linked from the main project web page on or before this date. The report should detail the course of progress on the project so far, including any reconsiderations and false leads, which are a natural part of almost all projects. Any changes to the project goals should be approved by the instructor. This status report and the amount of progress it demonstrates will factor into the final project grade. The available project proposal should now be fully developed and specified by this date, to the level of detail of a design document as described in section 10.1.2 of the text.

Fri 19 Apr 1996 -- Final Project Due

Projects should be concluded and entirely available at the project URL before or on this date. A summary report web page should also be installed and linked from the main project web page detailing the course of progress on the project since the previous month's status report. It should summarize the state of all the project's goals at its conclusion, as well as any future plans for the project should the group, or any part of it, decide to continue with it beyond the course. The project will receive a single grade, which will serve as the project grade for each student in the project's group.

Time extensions beyond this date must have the prior approval of the instructor. Please note that grades of Incomplete for the course will be given only in cases of hardship to a student as would render it unjust to hold the student to the time limits previously fixed for the completion of his/her work, as per University policy.

<> 18 February 1996