Re: Help w/ compface?

Steve Kinzler (
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 11:28:02 -0500 (EST)

Sent 11Feb99 from dhaley to faces,exmh-users
+---------- Help w/ compface? ----------
| [dhaley@dhcp132 new]$ compface face.xbm test2
| compface: (warning) face.xbm: excess data ignored

Yup, compface takes Blit ikon format input.

| I also tried the xbmsize48 | xbm2ikon | compface and
| that gave the same error message.

This works

% xbmtoikon < face.xbm | compface

using xbmtoikon from

| I got compface w/ the faces-1.6.1-11.i386.rpm that I found at

compface should be the same, but that xbm2ikon script may be old.

| Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong or run compface on my
| icon and send the output back to me?

See above.

Cheers, Steve