Re: Making the picons database distributed

Daniel Glazman (
Tue, 08 Sep 1998 09:38:04 +0100 wrote:

> Finally, in addition to fancy servers, I see nothing wrong with
> distributing the faces database by the simple addition of a different
> header:
> X-Face-URL:

In 1991, picons were only XBM and the compface algo was efficient enough
to allow picon integration in X-Face. In 1992, XPM icons stopped that and
the X-Face-URL has been proposed....and abandoned because it implies

1) HTTP implementation in MUAs
2) wait until you see the face of the sender

> PS if you want to get bizarre, you could always have a faces.* USENET
> hierarchy, with articles containing updates/additions to the database....

This is not bizarre, this is impossible. Articles are thrown to /dev/null
when they get too old ("too old" is a value set by the newsmaster).
Futhermore, such a call for discussion will never ever reach a consensus
allowing a call for vote !