Re: {before,after}ImageBindings in xfaces 3.3 have me stumped no longer

Dave Cohrs (cohrs@Legato.COM)
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 15:02:03 -0800

I figured it out myself while the message was in transit.

It appears the before and after image bindings only look inthe imagePath,
not in the facedbPath, so I fixed my imagePath and put the appropriate xbm
file in a directory in my imagePath, and it started working.

I assume the unknown face kept showing up because it was a built-in. It
turned out I had my imagePath set to a non-existant directory, so it never
was finding my unknown face (but the default must have been the same).

>> I want to set up a binding for all the mail I get from the Pilot users
>> mailing list. The common element I can see in these messages is the "Sender:"
>> header, so I tried:
>> XFaces.beforeImageBindings: \
>> Sender: owner-pilot: pilot
>> But the faces still all came up as "the unknown picture". I tried
>> XFaces.afterImageBindings: \
>> Sender: owner-pilot: pilot
>> But the faces still all came up as "the unknown picture" (how? By doing
>> this, I thought I would lose my "* *: unknown" spec, so how did it find the
>> unknown picture? Yes, I really did an "xrdb -load" on each attempt).
>> Where do I need to put the "pilot" file? This is actually a an xbm file.
>> I've tried, using the facedbpath, putting it in
>> MISC/pilot/face.xbm
>> MISC/pilot.xbm
>> pilot.xbm
>> MISC/unknown/pilot.xbm (this follows the model I used for
>> a default sound)
>> All to no avail. No matter what, I get the unknown face.
>> I'm stumped. Anyone know what I really should do?