Segmentation faults in xfaces with custom script

Jason Baker (
Tue, 1 Oct 1996 11:07:04 -0700 ()

Hi, all!

I've been working on a custom perl script, loosely based on the distributed
ones, to monitor procmail-created inboxes for each of my mailing lists. It
works pretty well, except that it dies about every fourth time it checks
for new mail.

It appears to be that there's mail being delivered at that time, but I
thought that I'd put enough in my perl script that the script wouldn't
return bad data. However, it may be dying when trying to open a file (it
shouldn't - it should flag itself with a problem and continue, but I

Basically - if the script called with the -e option of xfaces aborts, will
xfaces handle it gracefully, or will it segfault (which seems to be what
mine is doing)?

Also, anyone got tips on locking the files to prevent this from happening?


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