colour grabbing
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 14:22:01 +0100

[ 'scuse the spelling. :-) ]

Short of mangling all my .xpm images with pbm scripts, is there
any way of preventing xfaces from snarfing the entire colourmap
on startup? By default, xfaces runs from my .xinitrc. When I come
to start up netscape, I usually get lots of complaints, because it can't
find enough colours. If I run them the other way around, I don't
get this problem. Of course, xfaces doesn't look so nice, but at least
*it* doesn't complain at me.

I'm aware of using alternative colour maps, but (a) the flashing drives
me mad, and (b) by chance, the colours assigned to the rest of the screen
make my eyes water. :-)