Mailing lists - how

Amir J. Katz (
Sun, 7 Jul 96 09:13:54 IDT

[This is a repost, since I have not received ANY response]

I can't get the mailing list support to work. I copied from the and modified to this, but it doesn't do anything.
When I compile with -DBINDING_DEBUG I don't see that the rules
are checked.

XFaces.beforeImageBindings: \
To: xemacs-request Xemacs\n\
To: xemacs-request: xemacs-request Xemacs\n\
Cc: xemacs-request Xemacs\n\
From: |ajk: amir Amir\n\
From: amir: amir Amir

I've worked around the problem by telling xfaces to look at the
'From ' header instead of the 'From: ', but it's an ugly kludge that
sometimes does not work so well.


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