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JK Martin (
Thu, 16 May 96 12:22 EDT

Steve Kinzler <> wrote in response to a message
from Stephen <>:

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> +---------- remote face utilities ----------
> | i recall that when reading the faces archives a while ago, that there
> | was some discussion of `remote' face programs. something that would
> | let you get faces from distant machines, rather than having to keep
> | the entire database locally. did anything ever come of this?
> Not really, that I know of. I'd consider it an open project. My picons
> search server is a step in that direction (it can be used to retrieve
> individual picons by various specs across the net using HTTP), but only
> a step. Of course, client support for whatever protocol is used or
> developed would be essential.

I had just asked Stephen this question (in a private msg), but perhaps
others might be interested:

My company is finding an increasing need for something akin to a generalized
"icon server" or "small-graphic server", or whatever you might call a
server that sends a relatively small amount of graphic data in a single
*packet* using datagram transport technology.

Has anyone had any experience or knowledge of such a beast, preferably
running over UDP?

Is anyone out there interested in having such a beast? If so, are there
any other requirements you might have, other than the simplistic description


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