So many icons, so little time :-)

Amir J. Katz (
Thu, 25 Apr 96 10:51:52 IDT

I'm trying to upgrade from the good ole' xfaces to version 3.3. I've
successfully compiled & linked it, but I have two problems:
1. Whenever there is a mail message with an X-Face header, xfaces
dumps core.
Here's the relevant part from my .Xdefaults:

XFaces.imageSearch: x-face\n\

2. I can't make xfaces identify mailing lists. I've followed the
example given the file, but I get a separate icon for each
mail message, while old xfaces correctly compresses all of them to
one icon.
Here's the .Xdefaults part:

XFaces.beforeImageBindings: \
To: xemacs-request Xemacs\n\
To: xemacs-request: xemacs-request Xemacs\n\
Cc: xemacs-request Xemacs


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