Re: can I see user name in xfaces

Paul D. Smith (
Thu, 28 Mar 96 13:47:54 EST

My xfaces puts the username and the message count both below the
pixmap. These things are called "annotations" in xfaces parlance. They
just appear, as far as I can tell.

I do have the following in my XFaces app-defaults file to change the
fg/bg colors, but that's it:

XFaces.annotation1.foreground: white
XFaces.annotation1.background: black
XFaces.annotation2.foreground: white
XFaces.annotation2.background: black

XFaces.unknownAnnotation1.foreground: white
XFaces.unknownAnnotation1.background: black
XFaces.unknownAnnotation2.foreground: white
XFaces.unknownAnnotation2.background: black

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