Confusion with xfaces regarding directories

Jason Baker (
Mon, 6 Nov 1995 12:21:04 -0800 ()

Woo, first post. ;)

First, just a note for those that keep track of such things, I managed to
get both xfaces and compface to compile on a Data General box without
much sweat. Chalk another platform up on the board!

The problem I'm having, though, is the documentation on what files go
where with what names is kind of lacking, and I'm not good enough at
C to browse through the old source files to see where they look.

Where should .xpm files be kept for xfaces to find them on incoming
mail, and what name should they be? It looks to me to be the hostname
reversed, with the username tacked on the end, and the filename "face.*".

However, I tried making the tree...


and put the file "face.xpm" (a copy of the asterix .xpm from the distribution)
in there, and nothing happened.

I saw something in the source (I can kinda read it) about ifdef SEARCH_DEBUG,
so I'll try that out and see what happens, but any help would be greatly

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