xfaces deviates from expected behaviour for me...

Ert Dredge (ert@genome.wi.mit.edu)
Tue, 15 Aug 95 17:07:44 -0400


I'm just settling into a new workstation (Sparc IPC), and I'm having
trouble installing xfaces in a manner that will have it perform the way
the man page predicts. I've sent mail off to Christopher Liebman, but
figured list members might be able to help:

(1) the window only displays one face at a time, regardless of how much
mail is in the spool file or whatever input I feed it with the specify
with the -e option; my understanding is there should be a column of
faces, at least one for each sender?

(2) Only one faces database path can be specified with -f If I try to
specify more than one (colon-delimited) path, it fails to find any of

(3) The window doesn't look much like the examples I've seen on the web
-- no username caption under the picture, no pretty background to the

Any thoughts?

- Ert

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