AIcons interium release v1.7b

Anthony Thyssen (
Thu, 1 Jun 1995 11:46:09 +1000

"Paul Harrington" <> writes..
| I have been unable so far to FTP the scripts that Anthony mentions in
| his message ... I guess that an examination of them should answer a
| few of my questions.
| pjjH
FTP is a problem as I do not have an offical ftp site at the moment.
preferally in the US. refused :-(

Hang on -- I'll just do an update on the ftp site here..

OK intermediate version 1.7b is now created (dated 1 July 1996)
This will not be an offical release, just an update for ftp users.

This FTP site is not offical and is not to be released to NEWS or FAQs
This is purely a service to anyone who recieves this mail.
So don't tell anyone ;-)

AIcons private FTP (for site archivers) /pub/AIcons

The site is not fast and limited to a small number of ftp users.

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