Steve Kinzler (
Fri, 26 May 1995 16:08:47 -0500

Announcing the availability of Picons

What is it?

The old faces XBM databases all grown up. "picons" is short for
"Personal ICONS". Picons includes extensions for faces/xfaces and
support/development programs for picons.

Where is it?


What's new?

* Addition of color XPM (for xfaces & exmh) and GIF (for WWW) format
* Many new picons
* Picons FAQ document
* Web pages, with xfaces demo images
* Flexible picons search engine available on WWW
* Full support for xfaces as well as faces in the front-end and
back-end scripts
* An iconic weather page generator
* new picon submissions via e-mail, image file or URL

What? There's more?

* Web page for the Faces software archive (including sources for
programs that can use picons) at


Enjoy! Steve Kinzler

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