Help with xfaces questions/problems/enhancements...

Paul Smith (
Tue, 14 Feb 95 17:59:46 EST

This list is pretty slow, so here's some pleas for help to pick it up :)

1) How do I turn a pixmap into a bitmap? I have a bunch of stuff like
xpmtoppm, etc. but no xpmtoxbm. Does such a thing exist?

Here are a few things faces used to do that xfaces still doesn't; one
I've asked for before but got no response:

2) faces used to beep when new mail arrived. I know xfaces has
netaudio support but I don't want to go through that hassle; can't
someone add a simple beep for those of us who don't want a sermon
or aria for new mail? :)

3) faces used to pop up to the front on my window when mail arrived.
Can I get xfaces to do the same? Please?

Here's (I think) a bug in xfaces:

4) I have some users who use elm (blech! VM all the way :) and xfaces
will recognize they have new mail, but after they read it xfaces
still says they have new mail (they set their update to 15 seconds
and xfaces just never updates).

It's not until *more* new mail comes in that xfaces updates their
mail (deleting the old mail faces and adding the new ones).

I don't know much about elm, but I think it's one of those grody
mail agents that keeps your read mail in your system mail spool
instead of moving it; somehow xfaces can't tell that you've read
that mail.

However, faces works correctly for them in the same environment.

Here's a much needed, simple enhancement:

5) Please, can someone add a -v option or something to print out the
xfaces version! I can't figure out any way to tell what version the
executable is.

Anyone have any joy for me? Thanks for listening...

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