Re: mountable face servers?

Axel Belinfante (
Fri, 09 Dec 1994 12:45:36 +0100

Steve Kilbane writes:
> Are there sites that provide this [indiana Faces]
> database in mountable form? This isn't an
> ideal solution, since I imagine it doesn't help bandwidth to have lookups
> occur every 30 seconds or so from hundreds of sites, but a a cacheing
> server would be nice....

It is probably most horrible, but what about the following...
Make a faces db accessable via a WWW (http) server, preferably
you send it the email address, and it returns the bitmap (pixmap?).
It probably keeps a cache with mappings email-address-to-facefile.
Write a small client program that is given an email address and returns a
face. It keeps its own cache, and only requests faces from the remote faces
server if they are not yet in its own cache (or it uses the HEAD request?).
Or you maybe could put a HTTP caching server (proxy?) in between.

Why use http? Because it exists, and as a spin-off, it would make it easy
to use faces in arbitrary pages.

A similar chaching client scheme is used by someone who uses my Say...
'page' as a remote text-to-speech translater, and it seems to work.


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