Re:integration with http?

Glazman Daniel (
Fri, 29 Jul 1994 16:52:01 +0000

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> I would like my faces database to be built up on a 'demand' basis i.e.
> if the face is not available locally, to attempt and retrieve it via
> HTTP (using 'get' or something else coded up with libwww-perl)
> Is there a W3 gateway available where you could give it a mail address
> and it would return the image?

I built 3 years ago a service called rface doing exactly what
you miss. It was based on 'finger'. But it felt because my school
was one of the only 2 sites to use it ;-(

A W3 site making available such logos will have a problem
of rights ! A logo is the unalienable property of the company or

As long as 'faces' is a 'confidential' soft, no problem. But
if you make these logos available by a world wide used software