Help me with shapes in xfaces!

Niclas Mattsson (
Fri, 8 Jul 1994 19:18:14 +0200 (MET DST)


I just compiled xfaces. It seems to run fine, except that shaped images
don't get shaped (the transparent color shows as white). I compiled with
USE_SHAPE defined and everything ... What's wrong?

I sit at a SPARC 1+, sun4, X11R5. The resources I used are:

XFaces.frame.borderWidth: 0
XFaces.frame.Label.width: 90
XFaces.frame.Label.height: 90
XFaces.frame.Label.internalWidth: 0
XFaces.frame.Label.internalHeight: 0
XFaces.frame.Label.borderWidth: 0
XFaces.ignoreMessageBindings: \ Status: [OU]
XFaces.afterImageBindings: \ * .*: smilcol-shape.xpm
XFaces.imagePath: /u/entek2/niclas/temp/xfaces-3.3/images
XFaces.update: 30
XFaces.imageTypes: xpm-shape
XFaces.noMailImage: hobbes-shape.xpm
XFaces.allowShellResize: False
XFaces.useShape: True
XFaces.shapeBorders: True
XFaces.shapeInternal: True
XFaces.shapeExtra: True

I get an xfaces window with hobbes on a white background.

BTW, the manual page has an error. It says that imageTypes should be set to
xpm-shaped, not xpm-shape. It also says filenames should end with
-shaped.xpm, not -shape.xpm.

Thanks for any help!
Niclas Mattsson