XFaces-3.0 2nd (!) Beta Announcement

Chris Liebman (liebman@zod.clark.net)
Sun, 13 Feb 1994 22:37:47 -0500 (EST)

Hi again!
I recieved some good feedback from the first beta release. Everyone
was in agreement it needed to annotate mail faces with user and count.
I have now added this plus being able to run shell commands based upon
the same search methods as for images and sounds. And various otehr
cleanups. (like being able to compile Tiled.c with a non ansi compiler)
To implement the annotation properly (thanks Steve K. for pointing
out a few problems) I had to change a lot more code than I wanted to, so
I have decided on a second beta release. If there are no major problems
this will become the 3.0 release next weekend.

Currently the beta release is available via ftp from ftp.clark.net
in the /pub/liebman directory. There are four files of interest:

xfaces-3.0Beta2.tar.Z - The XFaces sources.
compface.tar.Z - James Ashton compface library. (optional
X-Face header support)
netaudio-1.1.tar.Z - Network audio server. (optional audio support)
xpm-3.3.tar.Z - X Color Pixmap support library. (optional
color image support)

-- Chris
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