Re: XFaces add ons...

Chris Liebman (
Thu, 27 Jan 1994 22:18:22 -0500 (EST)

Excerpts from mail: 27-Jan-94 XFaces add ons... Mark (1610)

> At someone's suggestion, I hacked together these two bits of emacs
> lisp code to automatically add an X-Face: header to both my email and
> new postings. I'm not sure how widespread gnus and/or emacs mail tools
> are used, but it probably wouldn't hurt to put something like this in
> your X-Faces distribution. What does the faces list think?

I have no problem adding things like this into the XFaces distribution.

Over the past several days I have been considering adding a
"compface" (James Ashton's X-Face header compression/decompression)
subdirectory or having this as a seperate distribution. What is the
general thought on this? Would you prefer this as a seperate
distribution? It really makes creating the distributions a lot easier.

-- Chris (Hacking like crazey trying to add in some fancy parsing....)

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