The continued development of faces.

Rich Burridge (Rich.Burridge@Eng.Sun.COM)
Tue, 25 Jan 1994 09:36:55 +0800

Over the past few days I've been "talking" with Chris Liebman, who recently
posted his XFaces program to the net. As I don't have the time to further
develop faces at the moment, and Chris does, it made sense for him to continue
on where I'd left off. Some of his work (like the color XPM support), exceeds
what faces could do.

Chris has kindly agreed to integrate the main features that were in faces, that
XFaces didn't have. He's already got the X-Face: header code in, and will be
looking at script support soon.

Expect to see Chris leading the future development of "faces" from now on.

Thanks Chris!