Faces mention in BYTE magazine

Steve Kinzler ((no email))
Thu, 27 May 1993 14:02:12 -0500

For several years now, the Usenix organization has been encouraging
attendees at its conferences to save face -- to have the image of
their face recocorded for the faces database. The project is geared to
humanizing communication around the worldwide Unix network and to adding
graphics to appropriate Unix utilities.

The face-image viewer is a program named xface, an X Window System client
program. The collection of utilities, called faces, is maintained by
Rich Burridge of Sun Microsystems (Australia) and is available on most
Unix archive servers and BIX.

Faces works like this: You store your character-based compressed image
in your home directory and instruct your mail-composing program to
include a pointer to this file. Whenever you send an E-mail message,
your image is included.

It ain't completely accurate, but at least it's publicity ...

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