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Steve Kinzler ((no email))
Tue, 4 May 1993 16:51:59 -0500

Written Tue, 4 May 93 16:42:21 CDT by in mail:faces
+---------- "xbm -> faces" ----------
| Well after serveral hours of capturing the images of our school, I am
| ready to convert the .xbm to faces format. My inital try produces faces
| that are skewed. I striped the .xbm and did the compfaces, did the elm
| patch and get a X-Faces in the header, but the faces program shows it as
| all screwed up. Any help?

Are you converting the .xbm format into ikon format? compfaces only
works with ikon format.

Here's what works for me:

1) xbm2ikon < face.xbm > face.ikon using the script below
2) compface < face.ikon > face

If you'd like to submit the images for the facedir database, you can ftp
upload them to -- XBM format please.

from the brain of Steve Kinzler    /o)\
an organ with a mind of its own    \(o/

-------------- CUT HERE --------------- #!/bin/sh # # @(#)xbm2ikon 1.4 91/05/06 # # Copyright (c) Steve Kinzler - March 1991. # # Permission is given to distribute these sources, as long as the # copyright messages are not removed, and no monies are exchanged. # # No responsibility is taken for any errors on inaccuracies inherent # either to the comments or the code of this program, but if reported # to me, then an attempt will be made to fix them.

PATH=$PATH:/usr/bin/X11; export PATH

# xbm2ikon - convert an X11 bitmap to a Blit ikon bitmap # stdin/stdout filter # requires some bitmap filters from the pbmplus package # kludge by

xbmtopbm | pbmtoicon | sed -e 1,2d -e '$s/$/,/' | tr -d '\011\012' | tr ',' '\012' | pr -l1 -t -w22 -3 -s, | sed -e 's/$/,/' -e 's/\(0x....\)\(0x....\)\(0x....\),/\1,\2,\3,/'