Re: New faces application & faces monitoring in general

Boyd (
Fri, 19 Feb 1993 21:21:33 +0100

ok, i've got some 10 or so replies saying:

`so, what would you know about it boyd?'

i'll tell you this:

`faces' is based on the Eighth Edition UNIX `vismon'/`sysmon', a system
i personally booted up, bug fixed, and enhanced in Sydney with John Mackin
and Piers Lauder.

another piece of the puzzle is that i've used the Plan 9 version
(whose name i forget) at Bell Labs; it's small it works, and is
a pleasure to use. you can try and mail my Bell Labs Plan 9 account,
but it will bounce.

yes, i've read _Face The Nation_

i have a Ninth Edition manual, as well as both Tenth Edition manuals.

the PostScript Plan 9 manual sits on my desk.

what i am saying here is that that i can distinguish between good
and bad software. i use faces every day, and everyday it's blatant
that it's core functionality is broken.

so, in closing, i'll quote Guns 'N Roses (Slash/Lank/Rose):

don't damn me
when i speak a piece of my mind
'cause silence isn't golden
when i'm holding it inside
'cause i've been where i've been
an i've seen what i've seen
i put the pen to paper
'cause it's all a part or me

-- _Don't Damn Me_

Guns 'N Roses
Use Your Illusion I