Re: New faces application & faces monitoring in general

Rich Burridge (richb)
Wed, 17 Feb 93 14:29:43 PST

I intend to get back to working on faces in the next couple of months.
The RealWork(TM) project is almost complete, and this will free up my time.

My initial intention is to include all the bug fixes, patches and new
programs/scripts I've received, into a new release and make it available via
ftp for various people to try on various configurations. Sun now have a stable
version of SVR4, so faces needs to be fixed to properly work with that.

I no longer intend to support the NeWS version of faces. It's been broken
in the last couple of releases anyhow. When Sun officiallly release their
version of DPS, I'll put PostScript support back into faces using that.

After the expected followup patch to correct minor problems with this new
version, I intend to add in color XPM support. This will give other people
something to do (ie. generate hundreds of color icons) while I work on the
big project of dividing faces into three as Steve mentioned.

More in a month or so...