Elisp to add an X-Face header to Gnus postings...

Mark Warren (mwarren@us.oracle.com)
Mon, 18 Jan 93 17:49:23 -0800

; After seeing that Jef Poskanzer is using an X-Face header in his
; news postings, I decided to add this elisp to my .emacs file so that
; a X-Faces header is automatically added to my Gnus postings as well.
;Mark Warren warren@oracle.com
;(415) 506-4639 Voice or 506-7292 Fax RIPEM key on server
; The X-Face header is my picture! Get `faces' from cs.indiana.edu

(setq news-inews-hook
; Add my face image to the header of all news postings
; (This function is originally from the faces package)
'(lambda ()
(goto-char (point-min))
(search-forward mail-header-separator)
(beginning-of-line nil)
(insert "X-Face:")
(insert-file "~/.face"))))