Re: faces in news articles

Steve Kinzler (
Fri, 16 Oct 1992 14:21:13 -0500

Written Fri Oct 16 13:46:26 1992 by faces@Aus.Sun.COM in mail:
+---------- "Re: faces in news articles" ----------
| a simple way to do it would be to get your newsreader to hang faces off
| a pipe and then spit From_ and X-Face: lines to it when you read the
| article.

Just in case anyone starts hacking on faces in news, remember that I've
got a database of faces bitmaps for newsgroups(*) that could be
incorporated into the scheme somehow, eg, as default faces for articles
without faces.

Steve Kinzler

(*) ftp; pub/faces/news.tar.Z
OR mail "help" in body to

PS: Has any fixed the (un)compface bug in the current faces release?
Here's the relvant TODO item. It's really been a pain to have it
broken so long:

* From Alan Skea <>
Sometime between versions 1.4.9 and 1.5.1, some change to
compface/uncompface has made it produce different output. The face
resulting from the uncompression of a 1.4.9 X-Face: using the 1.5.1
algorithm seems to shift the whole image to the left a bit (or maybe
two - I don't really have time to check this out thoroughly) and
introduces some corruption into the bottom right of the face. Caveat:
these observations are made on the basis of a sample space of 1 face.

From John Mackin <>
The situation, so that everyone knows (Rich already knows) is this:
there are definite problems with post-1.4 compression and decompression.
I am liasing with James Ashton, but he is very busy too now and has
little time to look at it; what I was hoping was that I could work out
what was wrong and then discuss the fix with him.