Re: FACES sources

Rich Burridge (richb@stard)
Thu, 7 May 1992 09:56:59 +1000

} I have been directed to this address by Steve Kinzler, as a source to possibly
} answer my questions regarding the program XFACES. This summer one of my
} projects is to implement a database such as one in your FACES program. The
} intent is more for the distribution of accounts to student. What we would like
} is to digitize a photo image of the student's face and issue a computer account.
} Since our university student ID cards do not include photographs this would
} enable us know what the student looks like. I've gone through some of the
} documentation and the package seems to have much more than is presently
} required, also very little documentation (that I could find) on how the
} database works. If someone could EMAIL me the required sources I would need
} to FTP to implement our idea. Also if there is documentation available I
} would very much appreciate to know its source. At present we'll be using
} B/W cameras, or video cassette recorder do take the photo then digitize the
} image into our Sun machines. I believe we have the necessary software to
} change the digiized image into .XBM graphics format. So as I understand all I
} require is the facility to build these images into a database for the system
} administrator, and the capacity to automate this procedure would be nice.
} I would appreciate any help nayone can offer me in this task.

The short answer is, whatever you can get via anon ftp in the /pub/faces
directory on is what there is. The faces manual page
(included with this distribution) is quite extensive; I will admit that the
code could use a few more comments in places. If you can convert to .XBM format,
then the rest should follow automatically. Faces has a -e option that allows
you to decide what faces you want to display. Steve Kinzler has written quite a
few perl scripts that make use of this feature.