New logos/news bitmap submission mechanism

Steve Kinzler (
Fri, 3 Jan 92 19:56:08 -0500

I've set up a new submission mechanism for additions to the logos and
news faces databases. Essentially it's a way to mail them in seperately
and have them automatically queued in an area of the iuvax faces ftp
archives (pub/faces/incoming/{logos,news}) until they're approved and
incorporated into the complete databases.

I did this to make things a bit easier for me, and so that submissions
are made available to everyone even before I've had a chance to install
them in the complete database. Since I'll be off the net for a good
portion of this new year, this may come in handy.

Finally, I plan on announcing the news database and the newscheck faces
application on the net soon, so we can expect the news database to grow
significantly in the near future.

I append the README.incoming file from the archives below for full
details on the new submission mechanism:

This directory contains submissions for the faces news or logos bitmap
database. They have not yet been approved and incorporated into the
complete database in the pub/faces directory above.

To submit a bitmap to the database, mail the bitmap to

as appropriate. The subject line should contain only the newsgroup or
newsgroup hierarchy the news bitmap is for (eg, "" or
"comp") or the domain address or hierarchy the logo bitmap is for (eg,
"" or ""). Please submit each bitmap in a separate

The mail should contain only the bitmap, preferably in X11 xbm 48x48
format. Any extra comments about the submitted bitmaps can be mailed
seperately to

Bitmaps can be created by hand or scanned in with a scanner and scaled
down to 48x48 size. Also, one can scrounge around existing bitmap
collections for bitmaps that can be converted and scaled to an
appropriate faces bitmap.

Tools to aid in faces bitmap creation are available in the filters
directory of the faces source distribution. Also, I've found these
tools to be invaluable:

bitmap(1) -- for X11, especially the X11R5 version
xgrabsc(1),xfontsel(1),xview(1),xmag(1) -- for X11
pbmplus package -- a bunch of bitmap filters and tools, some
of the faces filter tools need these

Thanks and enjoy, Steve Kinzler