Questions from a newcomer

Vizy Bela (
Mon, 9 Dec 91 16:00:39 +0100

Hello to everybody!

I'm a newcomer in the list. Let me take my first questions.

What is the mail address of the EUROPEN face server project? My face
image has already been taken in the Munich EUUG conference and I would
like to have it.

I'v just noticed that after the mail reader emptied the mailbox the
faces program doesn't update the window content. Even if I clear a
part of it teh content of the window becames more confused. Is there
any patch for this? (Or I did something wrong?)

Has anybody tried to write a simple sw package for making faces ikons
using a plain scanner? I think it is very difficult to get a camera
and a digitizer for this porpuses.


PS: Currently I have not my face ikon. Don't be surprise on my face!

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