Patch #4 for faces v1.5.

Rich Burridge (richb@stard)
Thu, 11 Jul 1991 14:54:34 +1000

Here's patch #4 for faces v1.5. The patch itself is available from the
usual places (see below). See the installation instructions below on
how to apply this patch.

Changes made in this patch:

v1.5 - patchlevel 4 - 11th July 1991.

- From Steve Kinzler <>
Removed the "ftp" clause from faces/filters/Makefile

- From Michael Urban <>
The call to h_to_c() in do_users() in mon.c, should have a first
argument of rhostname rather than "" (the local host).

- From Michael Urban <>
In xview.c, changed hostname to rhostname, for selecting the host
to monitor.

- From Mike Khaw <>
From Ken Wood <>
Both the man page and the usage message say "-M", but the code
actually still wants "-MH".

- From Ken Wood <>
The face directory option parsing can't cope with a trailing null
directory. i.e. when faces is run as follows, it correctly
substitutes the compiled-in directory for the null directory

xfaces -f :
xfaces -f :$HOME/lib/faces

but this doesn't work

xfaces -f $HOME/lib/faces:

- Added in another definition to the Makefile.dist file:


which should be uncommented if you have the poll(2) system call
(rather than select(2)). You will also need to uncomment the
NOSELECT definition.

This definition is needed for SVR4, and some variations of
System V Release 3, which don't have TCP/IP support.

- From Mark Shand <>
Faces is ignoring the -d argument completely--a bug.
In fact, looking at the source (x11.c:init_graphics), faces opens
the display _BEFORE_ it processes its command line arguments (which
happens in x11.c:make_frame).

- From Brent Browning <Brent.Browning@Eng.Sun.COM>
With the XView version of faces, if the icon is covered, thereby
damaging it, the icons is never repainted.

- The following TODO item has been removed, because this has been
working in faces, since the inclusion of is822header() and
associated routines in v1.4.13 by Mark Shand.

* From John Mackin <>
You test if the beginning of the line is identically equal to
"X-Face:" or "From:". This is contrary to RFC822, which

(1) that headers should be recognised in either case (so
"X-Face:" and "X-FACE:" and "x-FaCe:" are all equivalent).
(2) that there may be linear white space (spaces or tabs)
between the field-name and the colon (so "FRoM : Foo Bar
<foo@bar>" should work).

- From Amir J. Katz <uunet!sn4idc8!>
I think that it should be mentioned in the faces man page that every
xterm started under X will show on 'xfaces -h localhost' as a new
user, unless you start xterm with the '-ut' option. I know it's an
RTFM issue but xterm man page is so looooong, so I am sure most
people fall asleep long before they reach the '-ut' option...

- The width and height of the SunView faces frame were incorrect.

- The five "standard" icons used with faces (NOFACE, NOMAIL, NOPAPER,
NOPRINT, NOUSERS) were not being correctly displayed with the
SunView version.

- When the -w and/or -h options were used with the SunView version,
the size of the icon created is incorrect.

- If faces if monitoring a printer (using lpq), and the printer is
unknown, faces will now exit with an error message, rather than
just display the "no jobs" icon.

- The XView version of faces now correctly saves the user supplied
command line options, when the user does a "Save workspace".

- The following entry has been removed from the TODO file because
this is already implemented, albeit, the multiple faces
hierarchies are specified by a colon separated list with the -f

* From Pat Lashley <patl@Sun.COM>
From Lindsay F. Marshall <>
Multiple face directory hierarchies. I.e:
`-f $HOME/facedir -f /import/group/facedir -f /import/global/facedir'
The order of specification would indicate the search order.

- From John Mackin <>
It should be made more explicit in the manual page that in the
previous version of faces, a -f option _added_ the directory to
the face search path, so that if you did -f you got those faces
in addition to the system default faces, whereas now -f
_supersedes_ the system faces and you must include a trailing
colon to have them searched.

- The following entry has been removed from the TODO file. This
functionality was included in with the previous patch:

* From Lindsay F. Marshall <>
Would it be possible to have a define (or option) that allowed us to
set the X title/name attributes. I want the program to be called
"Faces" in my twm iconManager and it is currently called "faces".
I haven't found any way of changing it other than by hacking the code.

- From Ken Wood <>
Various small changes to get faces working on an Encore Multimax;
includes a new definition to the Makefile.dist file:


which should be uncommented if your system doesn't have the
getcwd() library call.


How to install this patch.

You should use Larry Wall's patch program to apply these diffs. Assuming the
patch file is called faces.patch4, then you should do the following:

cd faces_src # directory where your faces source files are.
patch -p0 <faces.patch4
make x11 # Or xview, sunview or news.
make install # You might have to be super-user.


Where to get this patch.

* I've put a copy of both patch #4 and the very latest fully patched version
of faces, in the pub/faces/incoming directory on,
for those of you who have anon ftp capabilities. Steve, could you do your
bit with these files please, and move them to the parent directory?

* For Sun employees around the world, you can get the fully patched latest
version of faces via anon ftp from stard.aus. It (and copies of the
various faces databases held by Steve on indiana) are now in a
sub-directory under pub called faces.

* For Australian sites without ftp capabilities, the latest faces.tar.Z
and those faces databases are available via fetchfile from sunaus.sun.oz.
These are also in a faces sub-directory, so fetch (depending upon your


* And finally both the patch and the fully patched latest version of faces
are available via the automatic mail archive server. Requests should be
sent to rb-archive-server@Aus.Sun.COM. To just get patch #4, then the
message should contain the line:

send faces patch4

Note that this patch is a uuencoded compressed file. Unpack with uudecode
and uncompress first, before applying the installation instructions given

If you want the complete fully patched version of faces v1.5.4, then you
should send fifteen messages containing the lines:

send faces partn

where n = 1-15. You can do this is one message, but the archive server
processes smaller messages faster. UUCP sites out there might like to
include a path line with each message, something like:


note that this is and not just uunet. Sun.COM doesn't
recognise uunet. This is the return path the archive server will use to
send your requests to. Also UUCP sites should note that you probably have a
size limit on each message. Yet another good reason to divide these into
multiple requests.