[un]compface to use xbm format?

Rich Burridge (richb@stard)
Wed, 3 Jul 1991 17:00:34 +1000

I am considering modifying the [un]compface code in the faces distribution,
to read and write X bitmap format files, rather than Blit ikon files.

My reasons are:

* X bitmap format is a more popular widely known format.

* It is a character format, and therefore wouldn't suffer from the "endian"
problems that the Blit ikon format currently has.

* This will make it easier for other utilities that wish to use the
[un]compface software, such as XMAIL and the new finger utility being
developed by Telecom in France.

uncompface would always write 48x48x1 xbm files. I am intending to modify
the compface routines to read the top-left 48x48x1 bits, if the xbm file
is larger.

I would appreciate your comments on whether you think this is a good or
bad idea.