Re: Faces via finger?

Philippe-Andre Prindeville (
Thu, 2 May 91 00:39:20 +0200

A face is a per-person datum. Y'know, we already have a widely used net
facility for per-person data -- finger. Why not include face data in
finger output? This wouldn't even necessitate any changes to finger --
just include it in the .plan file. "faces" could be hacked to try to
finger an Internet user for which it doesn't have a face. Best of all,
it wouldn't require any sysadmin involvement to get it being widely

Except that the finger data format is defined by an RFC (either just
published or soon to be published, I forget). Also, certain spooks
consider this to be a security breach. Lastly, finger follows the
Internet protocols philosophy of having all data be human-readable.

In mail, X-Face data is acceptable because it is an "X-" (or unoffical)
field... Otherwise, we might as well all start using ASN.1 and define
an "faces" data type...