re: More ideas for faces

Dave Edmondson (davided@sco.COM)
Wed, 01 May 91 09:39:50 +0000

> >>>>> On Mon, 29 Apr 91 17:12:32 -0700, Shannon D. Appel <> said:
> SA> I. Remote Face Protocol
> SA> Ability to grab a face from a remote machine, much like finger. It would
> SA> be useful because your database would not have to constantly balloon. if
> SA> you have limited diskspace.
> We're working on it here at the AI Lab, albeit slowly, given other time
> constraints. The main problem is the NEWS support; all other formats
> are easily supported by a server.
i'd be interested in this. as part of the ukuug facesaver project a
couple of us implemented a quite simple face server which would (given
a face tree similar to that held on uunet) made the faces available
over the net. the interface follows along the lines of smtp/nntp,
with support at the moment for udp/tcp, x25 was always intended, but
never done.

arbitrary formats are supported, but we currently only use 64x64x1 and
96x96x1 xbm and usenix face format. we have a couple of programs to
do things like xwho/xfinger using the server, and these are
sufficiently flexible that they could be used for other things as
well. is there any interest in this ? i imagine that the work at the
ai lab is altogether more comprehensive - this was a couple of days
work so that we could actually use all of the faces that we had.