More ideas for faces

Shannon D. Appel (
Mon, 29 Apr 91 17:12:32 -0700

I. Remote Face Protocol

Ability to grab a face from a remote machine, much like finger. It would
be useful because your database would not have to constantly balloon. if
you have limited diskspace. The cost, of course, would be time. It should
be implemented in such a way that it checks for a remote face as a last
resort, and maybe only with a flag on.

II. Faced

There are 4 copies of faces running soda right now. Something that would
be much more efficient would be one server program to do all the work,
which then sends out all the info to all of the clients that are running.
With an extension of this, you could allow the server to be accessed by
remote machines, and then you only need the database on one machine.