patch #1 - the explanation.

Rich Burridge (richb@stard)
Sat, 20 Apr 1991 10:32:52 +1000

I think I've worked out why some of the things that happened, happened.
As you are probably aware I was in a hurry yesterday afternoon, and didn't
give the patch the amount of time it deserved. I'd been testing the new
faces.sendmail script directly out of my dev. directory. It seemed to
work fine, so I started to put the patch snippits together in one file

sccs diffs -C filename >>patch.1
sccs delget filename

After I'd put them together, and added the introductory comments to the
front, I attempted to mail the new patch to the list. I hadn't changed
my "set sendmail" entry in my ~/.mailrc so it was still pointing to the
faces.sendmail in my dev. directory, which had now been checked back under
SCCS control. That checking had removed the execute permission, so the
mailer (mush) objected and chucked my message in ~/dead.letter *twice*.

In my humble opinion, there are two bugs here. sccs shouldn't change
execute permissions, and mush shouldn't put the message in dead.letter

Anyway, I fixed up my "set sendmail" entry in ~/.mailrc, and redid the
mail message, simply copying in the message (stripping off the small
header at the front). As I was in a hurry, I didn't notice that this was
twice as long.

This doesn't explain what I (or James) did to bugger up gen.c, but thanks
to Victor for finding and fixing the problem, and also pointing out about
the doubling up of the patch.

My apologies for all of this. It shouldn't have happened. I'll now try
to extricate myself from this mess. More in a little while.