Re: WARNING: 1.5.1 faces.sendmail is broken

Rich Burridge (richb@stard)
Sat, 20 Apr 1991 03:04:30 +1000

} When I looked at the patch, I didn't think it could work; I've just tried
} it, and it doesn't. Rich, I guess you didn't test it -- or had a different
} idea of how it was meant to work.

Well, I'm not sure why it's not working for you John. Or perhaps I should
say, I don't know why it's working for me? This is getting rather confusing.
Can we have some feedback from the other guinea pigs (sorry, I mean beta
users) on this list?

This message is bought to you via the new faces.sendmail script. I'm
using mush (but I've just tried /usr/ucb/mail and didn't get a problem
with that either). I'm running SunOS v4.1.1(revB) on a 4/65.

Here's my ~/.face file (no trailing blank line):

------CUT HERE------
------CUT HERE------

The message starts on the first line when the mailer chucks me into vi.
I've included the script I'm using below (which should be what you've all
got after applying patch #1).

I realise I did end up putting several parts of patch #1 together in a hurry,
but yes, I did test this.

So what are other people seing? Is v1.5.1 a disaster? I realise the handling
of X-Face: lines has been 'ed up, by James latest patch, but I've confidence
that James, John and Mark (all we need now is somebody called Matthew that
understands James code) will sort that out next week.

------CUT HERE------faces.sendmail------CUT HERE------
# @(#)faces.sendmail 1.3 91/04/19
# Small script to automatically add X-Face: compressed image lines to a
# mail message header. This shell script should be run by adding a line
# similar to:
# set sendmail=/usr/local/bin/faces.sendmail
# to your ~/.mailrc file. See the faces manual pages for more details, and
# how to setup yout ~/.face file.
# Original version: Copyright 1990 John J. Mackin. All rights reserved.
# This derived version: Copyright 1991 - Philippe-Andre Prindeville
# Glenn Statchell
# Permission is given to distribute these sources, as long as the
# copyright messages are not removed, and no monies are exchanged.
# No responsibility is taken for any errors or inaccuracies inherent
# either to the comments or the code of this program, but if
# reported to me then an attempt will be made to fix them.
TMP=/tmp/face$$ export TMP
sed '1s/^/X-Face:/' $HOME/.face >> $TMP
sed -n -e '/^$/!{p;d;}' \
-e "r "$TMP \
-e n \
-e ': copy' -e p -e n -e 'b copy' | /usr/lib/sendmail "$@"
rm -f $TMP