Question or bug with mailer-daemon face

Victor A. Riley (
Thu, 18 Apr 91 14:41:22 EDT

I have a questions for someone - this may be a bug. This deals with
"bounced" mail from the MAILER-DAEMON. Here is my setup, I have
/usr/local/faces - in that directory I have facedir, facesaver, logos,
and iris (for our local domain); as well as and The file has all our machines set up for the
local domain, and the file has aliases for

Anyway, the problem is that I get the iris unknown face instead of the
mailer-daemon face. Well my FACEPATH is set up as:


So based on the algorithm in main.c it looks up mailer-daemon in the following

$FACEPATH/ain/unknown/iconname <===== bingo finds iris/unknown

and since the default community is iris, it finds the unknown user icon. How
can one make it find the icon in logos/misc./mailer-daemon? If I put misc.
in /usr/local/faces, then the unknown user icon appears all the time.
Can the file be modified to look the user up under misc.
regardless of where you find it. For example,


or is there some other way to fix this. This will be a problem with all
special users, like root and Postmaster as well.

Victor Riley