bug in version 1.5?

Victor A. Riley (var@iris.brown.edu)
Tue, 16 Apr 91 15:22:27 EDT

Hello everyone - I just grabbed version 1.5 and have compiled it on
my Sun SparcStation II, under X11R4. So far it just core dumps with
a segmentation violation. It appears to be core dumping in the
uncompressing of the X-Faces: line in compface/gen.c. I traced the program
and found that comstr is NULL most of the time, then gets assigned the
comment in the From line, then gets NULLed again, and during the
uncompressing of the X-Faces line gets assigned to 0x1. During the
next pass through address.y it crashes since comstr in not NULL. I got
tired of tracing in Gen() so gave up trying to find where memory gets

Victor Riley
IRIS - Brown University