faces v1.5.0 - INTRO.

Rich Burridge (richb@stard)
Mon, 15 Apr 1991 15:42:30 +1000

Coming in the next fifteen messages to this list, is version 1.5.0 of faces.
Each part is a uuencoded compressed shar file. For those with anon ftp
capabilities, I've put the latest version in pub/faces/incoming on
iuvax.cs.indiana.edu. Steve could you move it to the parent directory, to
prevent it getting overwritten please?

total 208
-rw-r--r-- 1 ftp ftp 202953 Apr 15 00:06 faces.tar.Z

The fifteen parts of the faces v1.5.0 distribution are also available via
the automatic mail archive server. To get the complete set, send fifteen
messages to rb-archive-server@Aus.Sun.COM, each containing the line:

send faces partn

where n = 1-15.

These lines can all be in one message, but the archive server processes
smaller messages faster.


The faces.sendmail script provided here in v1.5.0 has changed. This means
that you will have to adjust the contents of your ~/.face files. This is
so that it will work correctly for /usr/ucb/mail (and relatives) plus the
Elm mailer. Please consult the new README file (section 5) for more details.

I expect there will be a few things that need to be tweaked to get this
working on various systems. Please let me know what doesn't work for you.
I'm aiming to produce a fixup patch (if needed), later in the week.

I'd like to (semi-)publically thank John Mackin for integrating in the
RFC822 parsing, and for Steve Kinzler for writing all the faces -e scripts,
looking after all the faces databases, and providing the anon ftp services
on iuvax, plus all the other people who have provided valuable feedback on
various bugs and features.