Faces v1.5.0.

Rich Burridge (richb@stard)
Wed, 10 Apr 1991 20:09:40 +1000

Rather than put out patch #15 for v1.4, I'm going to bump the version
number and reset the patchlevel to zero. I'm aiming to post faces v1.5.0
to this list in just under a week. There will be fifteen parts, each
one a uuencoded compressed shar file. This will total about 200 Kbytes.

If this is a problem to anyone please let me know, and I'll avoid filling
your mailbox. I'll also be putting it on iuvax for people who have anon
ftp capability, and it will also be available via my automatic mail
archive server.

The changes made for v1.5.0 (so far) are listed below. I've redistributed
various files, so hopefully filenames should be stable for a while.

I expect there will need to be a few tweaks required to v1.5.0 for various
machines plus minor bugs, so I'm aiming to put out a fixup patch #1 about
Friday week. Then I'm off overseas for about seven weeks, so you can all go
hog wild on the TODO file while I'm away. :-)

v1.5 - patchlevel 0 - 10th April 1991.

- From David Purdue <davidp@kau1.kodak.com>
From Mike Khaw <khaw@parcplace.com>
The window and icon positioning broke with patch #14 for the
XView version.

- From Ignatios Souvatzis <u502sou@mpirbn.mpifr-bonn.mpg.de>
From Mark Shand <shand@prl.dec.com>
raise() is already declared on some systems. All occurances of
raise() in faces have been replaced with raisewindow().

- From Lindsay F. Marshall <Lindsay.Marshall%newcastle.ac.uk@munnari.oz>
My faces window beeps and raises itself for no apparent reason.

show_display() was being called in one place in do_mail() even though
there wasn't any new mail. This was causing the window to be raised
and the bell sounded. show_display() now takes a parameter which
indicates whether the display should just be drawn, or whether the
window should raise and beep.

- Added in audio capabilities see the README and manual pages for more

- Added Saber entry to Makefile.dist and ran the X11 (Xlib) version of
faces through Saber.

- From John Mackin <john@syd.dit.csiro.au>
The "-b icon_file" option doesn't work. It still comes up with the
default background.

- From Philip Gladstone <philip@bigben.dle.dg.com>
In the top level Makefile, you allow specification of FMONTYPE.
The code in main.c checks for FBMONTYPE. Also the definition of
FMONTYPE=0 and =1 are reversed.

- From Steve Kinzler <kinzler@iuvax.cs.indiana.edu>
Added all the new filters and scripts from Steve to the faces
distribution. Created a new scripts directory, and moved mailq,
lpqall and lpqall.sh across to it. See the README.kinzler files
in the scripts and filters sub-directories for more details.

- From John Mackin <john@syd.dit.csiro.au>
If the X11R3 definition is uncommented in the Makefile, then there
would be a syntax error for the font definition in x11.c.

- Added Xlib and XView error handlers to the XView version, to try
to track down random cases of:

X Error of failed request:
BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)
Major opcode of failed request: 53 (X_CreatePixmap)
Serial number of failed request: 4518
Current serial number in output stream: 4530

- From Alan Skea <skea@prl.dec.com>
From Mark Shand <shand@prl.dec.com>
If you are running faces with the -a option, and mail arrived from
x@y with an X-Face: line then another article arrives from x@y with
a different X-Face: line, then the second face is not shown; just
the count of the first face get's incremented.

- Adjust MANIFEST, FILES and Makefile.dist for new v1.5 distribution.
Adjusted shar file distribution into fifteen parts, each less than

- Started to remove all reference to REVORDER, and replace routines
that depend upon byte order with byte independent code. Changed the
five no*.icon files to XBM format. These now use a routine called
load_data() to run them into the correct image format (depending upon
graphics version. Updated MANIFEST, FILES and Makefile.dist

- Included mention of Steve Kinzlers' anon ftp service for faces,
available on iuvax.cs.indiana.edu, in the README file.

- Created a new file called Faces.ad which gives all the X resource
application defaults for faces.

- From Jim Rees <rees@citi.umich.edu>
It would be nice if the compression and uncompression routines were
separated into different source files, so that if I want to include
just the uncompression in my mailer, I don't have to include the
compression stuff too.

I took the easy way out here; cmain.c and uncmain.c can mostly be
combined. Perhaps at a later date.

- From Eric Negaard <negaard@aerospace.aero.org>
I have been working on a user program for use with faces (to display
mail in a POP mailbox) and I noticed what I think is a bug. The code
in do_prog does not update the icon image, so the faces icon always
displays the NOMAIL icon.

My fix was to change the

add_face(DISP_BOTH, ...)


add_face(DISP_ALL, ...).

- From Steve Kinzler <kinzler@iuvax.cs.indiana.edu>
It'd be nice if there were a way to specify the icon and information
displayed when a "faces -e" window is in icon form. As it is now, it
always gives the NOMAIL icon.

A simple extension to the format would allow an optional
specification line before the "Cols=X Rows=X" line that would be for
the icon window.

- From Steve Kinzler <kinzler@iuvax.cs.indiana.edu>
Allow variable width columns instead of fixed width columns in the
faces -e format, using a separator character such as ascii 036
(record separator), or perhaps something more readable like TAB
(preferred). Domain names can easily get over 20 characters -- user
names sometimes too.

- From John Mackin <john@syd.dit.csiro.au>
Fixed up init_font() in x11.c and xview.c to correctly work with the
-fn command line option.