Faces no longer likes xview options.

David Purdue (davidp@kau1.kodak.com)
Wed, 3 Apr 91 09:28:49 AES

I am using the xview version of faces under Openwindows 2.0.

Before applying patch 14, I had put faces on the screen in the place
where I wanted it and did a "Save Workspace". Faces co-operatively
wrote its possitioning arguments in xview style in my .openwin-init

However, after recompiling with patch 14 applied, it ignores the
position arguments in .openwin-init (so it goes to the top left
of the screen, not where I left it), and does not write a line for
itself when I do a Save Workspace.

I have not investigated this at all (too much else to do - I thought
I'd see if anyone else had the same problem first).