Patch #14 for faces v1.4.

Rich Burridge (richb@stard)
Tue, 2 Apr 1991 13:58:14 +1000

This is official patch #14 for faces v1.4.


1/ Changes made in this patch.
2/ How to install this patch.


1/ Changes made in this patch.

- From Philip Gladstone <>
Better handling of X11 events -- fixes a number of bugs whereby
things didn't get drawn.

- From Philip Gladstone <>
Fits text better into the icon even if proportional spaced font.

- From Philip Gladstone <>
The option of displaying the hostname rather than the username if
the icon represents the username rather than the hostname. This is
controled by the X resource "faces.displayHostname", and defaults
to false.

- From Philip Gladstone <>
Fixes some bug (I can't recall what) attached to doing NIS lookups
when a failing NIS lookup turns into a domain name lookup.

- From Philip Gladstone <>
Fixes a problem with utime system call not taking two longs!

- From Philip Gladstone <>
Fixes a problem if you change the width across to be not 10.

- Added a Makefile.dist file to the faces distribution. This will
replace the Makefile, and allows further changes to this file,
without blowing the users changes out of the water. Patching the
Makefile should be simpler now. The MANIFEST and FILES files have
been updated.

- From Chris Steinbroner <>
From Philip Colmer <>
Loading xfaces fails because XSetWMProtocols() does not exist on my
system. It's an X11R4 routine. A new definition (X11R3) has been
added to the Makefile.dist file. This needs to be uncommented if
you are running the X11 (Xlib) version under MIT X11R3.

- From John B. Melby <>
If one creates a directory "edu" in the faces directory, it does
not have any effect on a domain address in which EDU is capitalized.
It seems to me that "faces" should not pay any attention to the
case of a domain name (since case is only supposed to be significant
in the user name).

From John Mackin <>
The comparison when looking up the domain in the faces
directory appears to be case-sensitive. This is wrong per
RFC822, domain-parts are case-insensitive. Both the directory
name and the host name from the mail item should be downcased
before comparison.

From Peter Gray <>
When comparing the domain of the mail with the entries
strcasecmp should be used since mail addresses are case invarient.

From (Ignatios Souvatzis)
As far as I remember, RFC822 states that 'domains' and 'mailboxes'
ignore case. I frequently get mail with domain or subdomain names
uppercase or capitalized. 'gethostname' on the DECstations of the
university's radio astronomy institute returns upper case names
(probably set up this way to get it compatible to DECnet
conventions, they talk DECnet to the VAXes...). [Patch included].

- From Ken Wood <>
Details of how to generate X-Face: headers from within GNU Emacs.
Added to the README file.

- Converted the mini faces database supplied with the faces
distribution to face.xbm format. MANIFEST and FILES files updated.

- Reversed the order of the patch entry descriptions in the CHANGES
file, so the latest entry is at the top.

- From Steve Kinzler <>
Added a variety of scripts and filters to the faces distribution.
These are:

ikon2xbm, xbm2ikon bitmaps filters for Blit ikon and X11 bitmaps, lpqall customized "faces -e" script for monitoring all

mailq customized "faces -e" script for monitoring the
system sendmail queue

- The faces mailing list is now mentioned in the README file.

- The resource handling that was in x11.c, has been abstracted out
into main.c. The XView version now also reads the X resources.

- From Michael Urban <>
Inclusion of support for the RAND mailer in mon.c, which insists on
four ^A characters to mark the beginning and end of messages. These
mods are included via an #ifdef RAND, with a new entry in the
Makefile.dist file.

- From Robert Adams <>
Details of how to use the X-Face: lines with SVR4 have been added
to the README file.


2/ How to install this patch.

This patch consists of a uuencoded compressed tar file. The tar file consists
of a set of diffs which should be applied using Larry Wall's patch program,
and various new files (or files that have changed so much, it's easier to
send them out in their entirity, as opposed to a set of diffs).

The tar file consists of:


This is a step by step guide on how to apply this patch:

% cd faces_src # directory where your faces source files are.

# strip off the front of this message, down to and including the CUT HERE line.
# save file, calling it patch14.tar.Z.uu

% uudecode patch14.tar.Z.uu
% uncompress patch14.tar.Z
% tar xvf patch14.tar
% patch -p0 <patch14.diffs
% make xview # Or Sunview, X11 or NeWS.
% make install # You might have to be super-user.

------CUT HERE------patch14.tar.Z.uu------CUT HERE------
[patch renmoved from the archive for brevity - Rich].