Faces status - 29th March 1991.

Rich Burridge (richb@stard)
Fri, 29 Mar 1991 08:24:26 +1000

This message is really to test if the from_ line gets set to faces-request.
I think I've finally been given the correct information on how to setup the
list, and everything should now be hunky dory. Famous last words!

In my spare time, I've been working on consolidating the faces databases.
I've got all the databases into one, but there are still a few things that
need to be done. I hope to get these done over the Easter break, in time to
put a new compressed tar file on titan and iuvax.

* There are several occurances of directories like "softway", "softway.sw",
"softway.sw.oz". These should be consolidated even further into just one
directory called "softway.sw.oz.au", and a set of unique user/face.xbm
files placed under that.

* I haven't included any symbolic links in the database. This information
should really reside in the machine.tab and people.tab files. I'll try to
generate such files from the list of links. This will need to be expanded
on as other people supply me their equivalents.

* I see that Steve started an etc. directory for miscellaneous faces. One
of the databases that John passed on had several misc faces, which I'd like
to stow away in etc.

* Still got to convert the sun.icon files to face.xbm.

There will no doubt be a few things wrong by the time I've done all of this.
These can be sorted out on an individual basis next week.

As for faces itself, the only thing I really want to do in the limited time
I've got left before I go overseas is to abstract the X resource handling.
This will have no real effect for the X and XView users, but it will allow
SunView and NeWS users to write routines to handle the database files. From
past eperience it also make it very simple to add in new X resources.

More next week.