Re: Shere does the header go?
Mon, 25 Mar 91 09:24 PST

(Message Xfaces:23)
On Sat, 23 Mar 91 22:51:03 PST, wrote:
> Robert wrote to the list including an X-Face: `header' in his signature.
> We need to spread the word that this practice doesn't work any more.
> You have to have the header in your headers. (Judging by Robert's
> headers, he may be using an SVR4 mailer, in which case he shouldn't
> have any trouble -- assuming he has (or is) a cooperative system
> administrator; I'm not 100% sure a user can manage that easily
> with that mailer.)

It is true that I used the X-Face: in my signature line. I believe
that it is now in the header. (If it isn't, please flame me :-).

For straight SVR4, the solution is to use mailx(1) and place in
one's individual .mailrc the line:
where "faces.binmail" is the "faces.sendmail" script with
"/usr/bin/rmail" in place of the sendmail invocation.

-- Robert Adams